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  1. Very neat work. You could forget how small this is to work on.
  2. That is one amazing amount of effort, and the look even on just the black coat tells the tale. This is shaping up to even more of a stunner! Cheers Mike
  3. Just a couple of photos of the scratched items added to the transmission tunnel - a cupholder (I think), a knee pad and the saddle for holding a log book etc. The second photo shows the cockpit assembly loosely sitting on the frame. I'm trying to figure out how to upholster the bucket seats. All of the builds I have found on line have opted for variations of the original blue canvas that was used. This particular car has had black leather, but the seats don't have nice easy flattish panels. All sharp curves. I do have some very fine "leatherette" but its not stretchy enough. The fi
  4. A rare case in which words are worth a thousand pictures - although the black lawn dart does look very sexy. Thank you for the step by step to getting the finish! Cheers, Mike
  5. I've moved onto the brakes and wheel set-ups. The front suspension is on hold at the moment. The fine screw driver arrived, but I have decided that the 1 x 3mm screws holding the front stub axle assemblies are just too fine for the job and I now have some 1.2 x 5mm ones winging their way from Germany. The brake assemblies are finished though, and ready to go on once the screws arrive. The discs are lightly scored by rotating in a drill against sandpaper and then oil washes and some Vallejo rust was used to finish them. There was an unwelcome trick with the threaded ends to the axles, which the
  6. Stunning! - I especially like the way you achieved that camouflage finish.
  7. Really like that treatment of the underneath. I'm guessing it didn't have enough time to weather that much, but you've still got an interesting variation to the black.
  8. We moved to the Bay of Plenty - east coast of the North Island. Certainly enjoyed our years in South west Victoria, but the call of grandchildren was too strong. Thank you all for the comments! Thats a very pristine looking example - must be amazing to see and hear that sort of car on the streets. Cheers, Mike
  9. Well it's been a long time....... Essentially all of my modelling gear was in storage moving from Australia back to NZ in December 2019, then whilst we were in temporary accommodation looking for work and a place to live in NZ. Then of course Covid interfered, which dragged out the process of house hunting for another three months. And after finally getting settled in August 2020, I managed to fracture a heel bone. This meant unpacking stuff and organising the new digs became a tedious affair to say the least. Finally, around Christmas I was able to gingerly place the offended heel on the floo
  10. Wished I'd used that trick when joining the fuselage halves - would have saved me some grief. Impeccable work and a joy to follow!
  11. Beautiful work! Really shows off the detail.
  12. Absolutely stunning finish on this - and I love the NZ markings especially with the final bit of Te Reo added. Kia kaha indeed!
  13. Quite the build and reference this one is. Loving the very clean and precise work.
  14. Very neat work! Most impressed with the riveting. I'm guessing it will be only just apparent under the final paint. Cheers
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