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  1. Just a suggestion around getting the best finish for this very sad weathered variant of Mustang. Kitchen foil treated with lead fishing weights soaking in bleach will provide this finish very well. The foil dulls quickly to matt silver/gray and will typically have an uneven discolouration, which is exactly what you are after. You quickly get a feel for how long the foil should be left, as the bleach will actually dissolve the foil and perforate it. The time taken depends largely on how dilute you make the bleach. I found the heavy duty Reynolds foil to work very well and allowed for decent discolouration before being dissolved. Ordinary foil tends to get too thin. The foil is also very resilient to and takes paints and oil washes very well. There are some striking examples of older Russian jets on LSP finished in this way that I came across when doing the homework for my foiled Starfighter. Fiddly and time consuming, but very rewarding and imho gives a much better finish than any paint will. Cheers, Mike
  2. Looking good! Very sharp. I’m part way through my Tirpitz, but haven’t posted it as it is such slow work. A 3D jigsaw puzzle doing the late summer ‘43 scheme. The Revell Tirpitz is still the best of the 1/350 scale, but it is not entirely accurate in terms of fitout for any one period of the ship’s existence. Takes a lot of searching to sort it all out! Really looking forward to seeing this all come together. Cheers Mike
  3. Definitely the best looking Spitfire! That finish is amazing. Would be great for an airbrush; just beggars belief with a brush. Very well done!
  4. Two beautiful clean builds! Neither are common it seems and both turned out great. Cheers
  5. I did one of the Hasegawa Me 262s about 15 years ago, inspired by one of your earlier builds. Effectively had to scratchbuild the entire model apart from the basic fuselage shell and wings (with moveable surfaces removed). Took me three years with no aftermarket goodies involved at all. Really looking forward to seeing this one unfold! A very promising start. Cheers Mike
  6. What an absolutely gorgeous build of my favourite aircraft type. The painting is sublime. The attention to detail in getting the parts to fit perfectly with just the right surface detail is amazing and very inspiring. Great stuff! cheers Mike
  7. Beautiful work on the mottling!
  8. Really shows off that curious mix of old school and cutting edge of the design. Almost like a Leonardo da Vinci project. The contrasts are great! Beautiful work throughout!
  9. Wow! Beautiful work. All looks so real, but the mesh is particularly striking. I imagine it’s fairly difficult to shape and cut to such a high level of accuracy.
  10. That is seriously beautiful work! Even before the painting.
  11. Thank you for the feedback and likes! Much appreciated. Back to working on my first ship now, but may take a break for another LSP in between endless decks. cheers, Mike
  12. Beautiful finish on a very graceful looking airframe. Love it!
  13. Well that is gorgeous! Very sharp scheme.
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