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Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour - Finished :-)

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No worries j. Appreciate you stopping by, plus a wip that brings back memories is the best of all :D


This morning I finished up all the lacquer on the aircraft itself. The wing tnks needed another coat of white so they are out of sequence for now lol

applied all the shining star masks over the insignia white


then the primer fade - white to gray to hazy black to solid black


and then to the paint booth



im really glad i opted for grey over most of the white. The transition would have been to stark otherwise.


next to last was plucking all the stars back off the sky!



and last was flicking distant stars onto the night sky with a toothbrush. WetSanded with 3000 grit paper. Some clear coat and it’s ready to dry for a day before i start the enamel colors.





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  • themongoose changed the title to Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour, Starry Night complete

Thanks guys! Today saw the 1st coat of enamel in play. Looking at this 1st pic, up close, i may have to be a little closer when i spray. Seems just a little grainy, like it’s drying before it hits the surface. Fortunately enamels love wet sanding lol




you can’t really see the fade well in these pics. I applied more coats as I went away from the nose. The poster tac is helping keep a straight line from forming. I had tried just loose paper on the wings and i still got a line at the edge of the blue that was pretty sharp. This looks like it’ll work.

and here’s her hat to keep the dust out of the enamel for 4hours till it drives to the touch.



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Next up is the sky blue. The edge against the starry night is a soft edge I sprayed freehand with the light blue enamel. Then i went over everything with a dusting of the Thunderbirds blue to give it a gradient and darken up the color and create the blend from one color to another.







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Thanks guys!
Mike thanks for hanging out during intermission :popcorn: we’re back for the 2nd act, the explosion!

today i did the bright yellow orange and red for the flames off the re-entry vehicle as it blasts into the atmo











lots of dry time now. Then wet sanding and an overall clear coat to finish her up. Great thing is there really isn’t any little stuff to do. I’m finishing up a stand, the exhaust is done, ohh I need to do the titanium around the exhaustoutlet, and then mount the landing gear. Done, easy peezy lol

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  • themongoose changed the title to Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour, Skittles - taste the rainbow!

Bit of a setback on Miss Demeanour. I had some crap in the paint on the right wing. sanded it out and sprayed some clear on it. For some reason it 'striped'. No problem, just mix up some clear and spray the wing. I think I accidentally doubled the hardener...the clear went down and didn't self level. Ugghhh! I sanded it but it was so pebbly I ended up sanding the whole dark blue section out.






And the recovery. Up close it’s only ok, the last coat crinkled a little in one spot. Not sure why. Plus there’s an edge where the white and blue meet now. Overall though it looks pretty good and I’m super happy with how it went and that I didn’t mess up the underside of the wing while i was doing this.




so tonight I’m adding all the stuff that breaks up those sweet lines of the Hunter. Look how the enamel clear pops! It was glossy before as sprayed but this is so reflective!



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