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Revell 1/32 Fw 190 F8


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Hi all!

It's been a very long time since I last posted in the forum but have been working on a project following my botched attempt on Trumpeter's MiG-21UM.

And I was finally able to complete it this week!

I would like to present to you my build of Revell's 1/32nd kit of the Fw 190 F8.

This is probably the most challenging project I've done to date due to the number of aftermarket resin sets I added as well as the research I did on the particular aircraft. It was also my first attempt at fully riveting a model.

The aftermarket sets I used include Eduard's resin cockpit, engine, fuselage gun bay and propeller, ResKit wheel, HGW fabric seatbelts and a combination of Cutting Edge and EagleCal decals. 

The Cutting Edge decal set was the one that inspired me to start this project as I found the overpainted fuselage number feature quite attractive. However, the painting instructions were simply wrong. Eventually, I discovered that Montex Masks offer the same scheme with the correct paint guide which I cross-referenced with pictures of the real aircraft I found online. 

Painting was done almost exclusively with MRP paints and weathering with Abteilung 502 oils and MiG Ammo and AK Interactive pigments.

This makes build #2 and most likely the last one for 2021!

Hope you like it! :beer4:











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1 hour ago, Isar 30/07 said:

Fantastic Würger!





Many thanks!


1 hour ago, dodgem37 said:

That is down-right fantastic.  Great show!





Thank you Mark!


1 hour ago, alain11 said:

one word : exceptionnel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks Alain!


1 hour ago, mgbgtv8steve said:

Really like what you've done here - bravo!!



Steve S.


Thank you Steve!

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