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  1. AIMS JG 54 Vol 1. First advertised last March my JG 54 decals have finally arrived! In the mean time kits have been released with some of the options I wanted to represent already included so carefully look into what you want. If interested please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and remember to mention where in the world you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks and enjoy.
  2. AIMS 1/32 Mistel 3 update....hi everyone - decal stage complete yippee!!!!! Very few decals due to no unit codes and simplified stencil system but regardless it is a stage when my heart is in my mouth during the application and bedding down of the decals - not my favorite part of modelling by any means, thanks for looking
  3. AIMS 1/32 Mistel 3 update...hi everyone. Putting the washed out RLM 76 clouds on the fuselage took a bit of planning - I wanted to match the photos of Ju 88 G-10 W.Nr. 460065 as best as possible and so used a pencil to first mark where I wanted them and in doing so confirmed my suspicion that the Balkenkreuz is further forward than on any of the other G-10 Mistel 3s. Also thanks to the amazing book Captured Eagles that I got the other day you can see from the photos of the Ju 88 G-7 W.Nr. 240145 - that the clouds were painted on before the wings / wing spats were added so that meant some difficult masking off so that they appear behind the kits spats. Once the washed out 76 was applied to the sides and wing leading edges I started the RLM 75. The wing was masked off and then latter when the flap RLM 75 was dry the landing flap was masked off so that I could get a mis-match of patterns very clearly seen on sister ship 460066. The Mr Paint RLM 75 is very dark just like real fresh 75 as seen in the photos of these new-build G-10s / Mistel 3s. Another major step completed.
  4. With just two exceptions all the G-6 - onwards photos I have where you can clearly see a difference the legs and tail wheel are in 66 - Few G-1 can be found with much darker legs and tail wheel - the vast majority being in RLM 02 which was the norm before the G-6. The same switch also was made to the interior of the gear bay doors. The 188 and 388 all seam to have RLM 02 so it must have been a night fighter thing? My clearest photos of G-6s and g-10s with RLM 66 legs are in my books. Here is an example posted on FB
  5. AIMS 1/32 Mistel 3 update.... hi guys, started to get the green tint on. The Mr Paint green RLM 76 is super thin making it a very bad choice of mine to have used a black primer underneath as I am using litres of the paint to get it covered - does not look like a new build airframe at all sadly. Anyway the shade is a fraction weaker than what I really wanted and so I might blend it all in with some Tamiya 'Smoke' and that might help the over-all appearance. Enjoy
  6. AIMS 1/32 Mistel 3 update....Hi everyone, started painting the fuselage/wings. As with a number of other G-6's, G-10's and even a finished G-7 fuselage you have a massive tonal difference between parts with the lighter shade being used also to break up the darker shade along the fuselage and leading edge of the wings. It is really academic whether the darker shade is an undocumented green shade of RLM 76 or old stock of documented chemically unbalanced 65 - I do not really care as I am more concerned simply with trying to replicate the contrast. I always thought, and have always illustrated on decal sheet instructions that the clouds must be a bright RLM 67 Weiss, never stopping to think that it was washed out 76 and the area behind it was darker than normal. Well anyway I have started and am enjoying it. The next step will be to mask off the washed out 76 subcontracted parts and then spray the greener shade. I hope you like the contrast and if you are familiar with the two photos of Ju 88 G-10 W.Nr. 460065 then perhaps you will more appreciate what I am trying to do. Thanks for looking and taking an interest
  7. AIMS 1/32 Mistel S3C update..... hi everyone - just a little done as in lots of pain sadly. I scratch built the two 'Octopus' gear door operating hydraulics and also the tail rod. The details are as per the Mistel 1 actually and it should be a little more simplified than I have done it but I am not going to change it now as it took hours off my life haha. I got my test shot gear bay doors together - the detail and the thickness are fantastic but in reality the concept does not work both economically - as the PE sheet would be A-4 size and cost the customer a fortune at a time when the kits are not even available - and mathematically as when you curve parts with the same dimension cut-outs - those cut-outs no longer match - especially when there are three layers. So if I ever put this into production it will be just 1x 0.2 inner layer and a half etched outer layer - at least then there is a hope of getting it all on a reasonably sized sheet for the few people in the world interested lol Thanks and best wishes, John
  8. AIMS Mistel S3C update....over-the-moon to be able to get my 16 year old basic display model to a stage where I could close up the cockpit, thanks for looking
  9. AIMS Mistel S3C update.... cockpit finished! Obviously flash photography is not very kind on your modelling skills but without a studio set up there is no way to see into all the nooks and crannies. Thanks for looking, J
  10. I used Mr Paint anodised aluminium - it should be a tad greener but the flash makes it look too golden and it is enough ok to the naked eye. RAF Cosford R-1 has been painted over many times - note the feet of the hydraulic wall still in the Junkers anodised lacquer. Yes I will do all the pipes but cannot until the retraction arm is made
  11. AIMS 1/32 Mistel S3C update.... Lot's done - so much more to do!
  12. My references are a mixture of photos from crashed or wreaked G-1 and G-6s and surviving parts in collections plus the original Flugzugs on the Ju 88 G-1
  13. Just the back undercoat Andy - few areas needed more black added with a brush but should not look too bad once highlighted with the RLM 66
  14. Happy new year everyone - a few more details added
  15. Doing a great job there Max, hope I can build mine one day - only got about 30 Ju 88s ahead of it lol
  16. Like what you have done to the rivets, will do the same, thanks and looking forward to seeing the end result
  17. In case you were wondering where the flare gun was positioned on the G-6 and G-10/Mistel S3C.....
  18. So I have taken away most of the incorrect Ju 88 A-1 parts and put in some more scratch work. Thankfully I have a Revell A-4 kit that I plan to finish as a C-6 with its bicycle style MG FF loaders seat and so I can use the A-4 kits very nice late version Co-pilot folding seat - I put in the left side support frame only for now with scratch build right side support and scratch built oxygen units. Thankfully I had some bezels in the spare box for the oxygen gauges. I am basically ready to start painting now but I have done too much and my hands have flared up badly and I need to rest again. O well.
  19. Finished the gear bays on my AIMS 1/32 Mistel S3C. I have also changed the kits moulded canvas boots and will have instead bare polished metal in keeping with many late war Ju 88 photos. I made them shorter - hydraulic leak - than the kits height as well as making the height on one side different to the other - no two leaks are the same said the Welshman lol
  20. I only flexed them over a tube
  21. Well good news and bad news - good news - I managed to saw off cleanly enough a section of the rear which allowed with only gentle flexing the PE floors to slot in. Bad news - I was so focused on making the door skins as real as possible with 2x layers of 0.2mm brass followed by a half etch layer to show the raised rivets for the inner skin with a half etch outer skin to allow the rivets around the edge and cut outs - looks fantastic but for one simple problem - it is impossible to accurately mould to shape. The doors might not look too bad when open but they can never be conformed to the gear bay shape. Have to re-think the product when my hands can use the design program again.
  22. Hi everyone, my AIMS 1/32 Ju 88 gear bay test shots just arrived! I have been able to do a little bit more to my 1/32 AIMS Mistel S3C over Christmas, my hands are ok with modelling a short while every day but after just a few moments using the keyboard and mouse the carpal tunnel syndrome flares back immediately - just as bad as before the operations. It is very sad news for me but I press on and just do what I can. Anyway the Jumo 213 Es and the exhausts have been modified a little. I am using the A-1 kit which means needing to change the right side exhaust stacks. also there should be a plate at the back on the right as well as a plate the length of one stub at the front each side. This plate has a concave air inlet - so a little to do changing parts only designed to have a flame damper covering everything. Some more detail was added to the fuel bay and tail wheel bay also. The cockpit had more of the A-1 kits parts added and this was a big mistake as they are nothing like the details needed from the A-4 onwards and I have to make some changes - mostly to the right wall and folding co-pilot seat (which from the A-4 onwards has different fixed legs and a different way of folding. Well back to the big news and the arrival of the Gear bay test shots. The fit of the floor plate is 100% perfect but my hope of fitting it into my already made model has taken a knock - it is just impossible so I will have to razor saw even more of the gear bay away to do what I planned. Onwards and upwards! Happy New year to you all.
  23. Hi Max Here is the picture I used - I never stopped to think for one second the control horn plate might be different on other aircraft
  24. Hi Max, great work! I am not at home to check but if memory serves the control cable plates were as I designed them - as on the photo I was using anyway - and there in is the problem - the small differences between so many surviving examples made knowing what to provide very difficult. Have a great Christmas, J
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