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  1. Hi Matt, Weathering started with randomly spraying Tamiya Deck Tan filter (1:20 paint:thinner) over flat black using Uschi Trinity Splatter template followed by spraying the same filter directly (no template) perpendicular to the blade to simulate ''rotation marks'' i some places. After that I used sponge chipping with Vallejo Metallic Aluminium along the blade edges and brush painted a few marks using quick and precise strokes with very little paint on them. I also sprayed a German Grey filter in the same manner using Trinity Splatter template over the yellow ends of the blades. Hope this helps. Best, Nikola
  2. Looks like you are right. Will have to do some fixing.
  3. To be honest I haven't got a clue. You might be right. Will have to check that. Thanks for noticing! Luckily it's an easy fix if that is the case. Best, Nikola
  4. Hi gents, Panel lines finished. Started some streaking, stains, leaks,... Best, Nikola
  5. Hi gents, Weathering has begun! First was the colour modulation (which I should have done before decals but life ain't complicated enough so I like to spice it up a bit ) Lesson learned. Next are washes, post-shading, oils, pencils...
  6. Thanks! Glad you like it so far. She won't be this clean in the end as I still need to weather her, but I will keep it reasonable and as realistic as I can. Best, Nikola
  7. Decals - check! Not super easy to soften. Great print and in register but kind of on a thicker side. I used both Vallejo decal softener and Humbrol Decalfix to do the persuasion. There is some minor silvering to fix. We will see how it all looks after a clear coat. Best, Nikola
  8. I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I LOVE IT! Brilliant model! Well done man! Best, Nikola
  9. Some tyre works (aluminium not treated and weathered yet):
  10. What a beautiful bird! Brilliant work. Well done man! One comment on one detail if I may - whouldn't the tyres be dusty on their contact surface on that kind of ground? Looks a bit odd to my eye like this. Not trying to split hairs, just an observation. Again, beautiful model! Best, Nikola
  11. Hi gents, Gloss coat on. Exhausts painted with the first and main weathering pass complete. Apologies for s%#ty photos. Finally on to the decals! Best, Nikola Close enough for now:
  12. You're welcome Adam. I learned a lot form the guys on forums and I always like to contribute back. Looking forward to seeing your build. Best, Nikola
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