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  1. Great looking jet and build. Does the kit come with a aircrew? Rod
  2. Good grief man!!! That is freaking awesome. Some of the best scale effect on your figures I have seen. Thanks for sharing this. Rod
  3. Nice work!!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  4. Good looking build and scheme, thanks for sharing. Rod
  5. Very well done!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  6. Let me be the first to say HOLY CRAP! That is AWESOME. Well done! Rod
  7. You had a good year! Good stuff. Rod
  8. What a great build!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! Rod
  9. What great scale effect, Very convincing. Beautiful build and I am jealous of your backdrop. Thanks for sharing this and merry Christmas. Rod
  10. This is fabulous! Really appreciate you putting a maintainer in the jet. Rod
  11. Oh Wow! That is just cool. Thanks for sharing this. Rod
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