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  1. Rod Bettencourt

    A-7 D Corsair II Pennsylvania ANG

    Well done sir!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  2. Rod Bettencourt

    A6M2b, 1:32, Tamiya

    Thanks for the info, but I will not get there until later in the month. Rod
  3. Rod Bettencourt

    A6M2b, 1:32, Tamiya

    Very nicely done! I am heading to Ukraine again soon as was wondering if you knew of any hobby shops in either Kiev or Khmelnytskyi? Rod
  4. Rod Bettencourt

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Hi Gents, The B-58 was not mine. Mine was damaged some time ago and I have not fixed it yet. I did however NMF F-104 there (took a 3rd). Rod
  5. Rod Bettencourt

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    It was the 1/32, and thank you! Rod
  6. Rod Bettencourt

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Hey Tim, I not sure if we met either, I had my Stuka there if that helps. Rod
  7. Rod Bettencourt

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Wolf, Maru and Radu, It was a pleasure meeting you guys. Glad everyone had a safe journey back. Rod
  8. Rod Bettencourt

    1/32 Hasegawa P-47D Thunderbolt Brazil

    WOW!! great build and fantastic scale effect. Thanks for sharing. Rod
  9. Rod Bettencourt

    Bristol Crocodile

    Yep..... What everyone else has said. I cant stop looking at it. Bravo and thanks for sharing this! Rod
  10. Rod Bettencourt

    1/32 Italeri F-86 Sabre

    Way to hang in there, great results!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  11. Rod Bettencourt

    1/32 Trumpeter p47 Thunderbolt

    Great looking build!! Rod
  12. Rod Bettencourt

    Hasegawa Fw-190D Bavarian Red 1 1:32

    WOW THAT's GOOD! Well done and thanks for sharing. Rod
  13. Rod Bettencourt

    A-6A Intruder VA-35, Trumpeter 1:32

    Nice work!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  14. Rod Bettencourt

    Hasagawa 1/32 Junkers Ju87G Stuka Kanonenvogel

    Love the G2, Really nicely done! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  15. Rod Bettencourt

    A6M5 tamiya

    That's too cool!! Thanks for sharing. Rod