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  1. That's Special!! What paints did you use? Thanks for sharing. Rod
  2. Mike, having seen this jet up close and personnel I can say....Great job! Slava Ukraine! Rod
  3. Very Nice David, I really like the Natural Light pics. Rod
  4. Well that's just special!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  5. All I got is WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this. Rod
  6. That's pretty cool looking! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  7. Dash, The grass is from King Country. Thank you for your comment. Rod
  8. Good stuff Matt! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  9. Thanks for the comment, the Stuka has its own thread from a few years ago. Rod
  10. Thank you to all that have replied, it is much appreciated! Rod
  11. That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  12. Good looking build!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  13. Hello all, This my attempt at the Hasegawa 1/32 FW 190 A5 kit. I found this to be an easy and fun build. I was motivated by some great builds at the Vegas Nats. I was able to pick the kit and decals while I was there. I have always had a fondness for the Yellow and Black checker nose. Reminds me of the Ernst Kessler Bird from the Movie The Great Waldo Pepper. I riveted the skin and used G factor landing gear, Barracuda wheels, Quinta cockpit and a mix of Model Master and AK Paints. The pics were taken with my I phone. I find it easier to take these outdoor pics then trying to make a indoor studio picture. I am a terrible photographer! Thanks for looking. Rod
  14. Oh wow!! That's gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Rod
  15. Another great looking build! Thanks for sharing. Rod
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