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  1. Vigilante please! A-5 first, then the humpy one...
  2. Open cast mining Shermans huh? I've just googled it. I never knew that. Every day's a school day!
  3. About a quarter of mine is at a storage yard.It was meant as a temporary move while the house was being extended. https://imgur.com/BiWb2bv The entire box was filled.
  4. Ah, but will it fit the Italeri GR.1 kit were are all waiting for! ( I'm not actually waiting for it ATM, but if it's good, I'd be tempted by its in-the-box extended slats) or will they release a follow-up F3 to confound us all?
  5. ISTR that P-51 spinners were identical in shape except for the number of slots needed for blades. Is this true? At least it would help to use a Tamiya or late Revell spinner as a guide to the right shape.
  6. I forgot! I have a Combat Voodoo. It comes with a variety of noses, inc. the recce wedge. Part started (fuselage halves foam filled and sanded). Haven't seen it for a while, but I don't think I'm ever going to finish it.
  7. Many moons ago, when Doug Feeney retired from the fire service, I suggested to my beloved, that I'd buy ID Models. She was livid! So, great thanks to Tigger for holding the baton since. I hope Combat continues in some way, ideally so that the range becomes more readily available this side of the Atlantic. I have the Swordfish, unstarted obvs, and Sikorski S-55, but I'd like more. The Wellington still tempts... and a Marauder.
  8. Go on Mr P! Buy it! You know you want to!
  9. There is a winged tab fitted high up in the windscreen arch of early Spitfires. It releases the canopy latch, enabling it to slide rearwards for exit. When a more rapid exit is needed, a cord attached to a red painted ball pulls the canopy latches apart and forces the canopy into the slipstream.
  10. The early engine nacelles were fatter too. I think they had to be designed before the engine diameter was finalised.
  11. ISTR that late mark Jet Provosts have an area of rough coating applied to their leading edges, somewhere in the vicinity of the tip tanks I think. Does anyone remember exactly? Something like a sand-and-paint mix, like the walkway patches on Phantom spines, def. smoother than ridges of a rubber/concrete mix like zimmerit.
  12. I've got an FM Models of Australia vacform. Part started and foam filled, but hey. Good metal bits too (I think, I've never opened the bag)
  13. Guessing from what I presume is the "last three" on the fin makes it XT914. It was at Coningsby, (likely with the Type J hangar) was it ever on 6?
  14. Yes, but unfortunately, it will take forever to get there! You would not believe how difficult it is to cross the country E-W rather than N-S.
  15. ID did release a U-2. I have one. Still in the box.
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