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  1. Direct link: https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/archive/collections/photographs/usaaf-collection/ Baseball and Bombers? Pfff! Who thinks up this stuff?
  2. I was going to type that! It's been one of my favourites for a couple of years now. I check it daily after 1800 hrs. If it is new to you, you will spend hours working back through old posts. Very, very addictive!
  3. Finn, why don't you link to the webpage that put this up? Aviation Archives. See: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/
  4. Thread creep here: what is an Echelon 1/32 Hunter T.7 worth?
  5. It held cartridges for the verey pistol. The canopy had to be opened and the barrel pointed overboard first. https://ibb.co/QDW21zm
  6. The curious thing about the 8th, is that at first glance you think that you are drenched in photos and references, but the reality, once you zone down to a particular craft, B-17, B-24, P-38, P-51 or whatever, you realise what is missing. Soooo frustrating!
  7. Yes! What a beautiful shot of "Fickle Finger of ?" (the first image) This is the only B-17 that I want to model. I've been waiting a decade or two for enough photographic evidence to do it justice. Are there any more about please? B-17F-45-DL, 42-3335, 385Bg/549BS coded 'Y', from Great Ashfield...
  8. Still, we get the Stuka re-released. At circa £95 it will be better than fleabay prices.
  9. I've got an F-18 (the ready built version) on top of my stash (I have no box for it) and have been wondering since covid about selling it. I am interested in following your progress, esp. how it comes apart!
  10. Uh, what airbrake fiasco. I didn't know this kit is 'fatally flawed' I have two part started and I think, another three in the stash. Do you mean the HKM Meteor brakes or the Revell Hunter?
  11. RA-5C please! I received my A-5 yesterday. Cheered up my morning on the shortest day of the year. Just fondling the pieces as I type... https://ibb.co/1MrzRX3 Better than I expected for a 'home build'.* Is it far better than my abilities to scratch build my own Vigi? Way yes! Is it beyond my ability to sand/fill/sand/fill to make an acceptable model? Nope! * I have an attic full of part completed 1/32 vacforms. This Vigi fits together! My desire and imagination is far greater than my ability. Thank You.
  12. I have all the above and waiting for the others, hopefully. Here is the only kit I have visible: the 1/18th F-18. Oh, and a piece of ID Models 1/32nd vacform F-100 bottom R. https://ibb.co/pnvPKnW
  13. I've got one of those in the loft. Not seen it for a while now, what with all the other kits. Got a 1/18th F-16 in there too, come to think of it.
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