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  1. I know all that. Just haven't got enough info to model that particular machine.
  2. Thank You! XE794, for me please. (Hemswell & Lindholme)
  3. Does anyone have the serial number of the one Albert Ball crashed in? It was from Eastchurch.
  4. It's Fatally Flawed! Needs aftermarket etc. etc.
  5. Would it be possible to 'reverse engineer' a workable mould by using a vacform as a pattern? Just thinking aloud, as I have an unbuilt 2 seater Hunter in the stash.
  6. I make the serial to be ED996 (or thereabouts) but 996 was a 12 Sqn Machine. It was one of a batch of 247 craft delivered between March & June 1943. Gibbo's Lanc was from the same batch.
  7. Mont Candon V1 site is at Lon 1 degree 00' 51.1"E and Lat 49 degrees 48' 34.6" N if you want to go onto Google Earth and try to match the fields roundabout.
  8. I think this particular photo was taken whilst attacking a V1 site or similar. Countryside underneath does not necessarily indicate it's a wasted bombload. I had a brief shufti on the IBCC website to find the image, hoping to get a date or location but gave up.
  9. The dihedral to the outer wing raises the leading edge above the exhaust plume, hence the lead deposits wrap over the outer nacelle and under the wing and not over like the others.
  10. I have never tried it, but, back in the day of Airfix 1/76 soldier articles in their magazine, PVA was recommended.
  11. A lovely man. Always had time to talk about aeroplanes.
  12. Right Click, Save As. Thank You for that. I always wondered. Not as if streamlining just there mattered. Maybe to stop freezing?
  13. I see that they have plated over the bomb bay roof. I've never been convinced that this was so. Why would they bother?
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