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  1. Battle, Blenheim, Anson & Oxford please. Funny how there isn't (ever) any resin upgrade for the Matchbox/Revell Lysander. It would be of benefit. I also find it odd that recently a complete resin Tiger Moth should be mooted when the Matchbox/Revell kit is readily available and just need some cockpit & engine tweaks.
  2. A Whirlwind with Merlins? Became the Welkin! I also have a vac-form 1/32 Sea Fury in the stash. Forgotten who it's by, but bought it at the Nationals. Stoneleigh perhaps. Their next release was going to be a Vampire T.II.
  3. I have one by Admiral. I don't know if it's a stand-alone make or a re-badge of 21 Century kit. I think it has slats but it is so deep in the stash I can't find it readily.
  4. Tsk. You'd think it would have slats and maybe an engine.
  5. Oh well. That's my ID Models vacform now worth nothing. To add to my F-100, TBM Avenger, Ju-88, He 111...
  6. Try Abe Books. Good for old/out of print stuff as it's primarily for second hand stock. The V. cheapest item may be ex-library from somewhere but good enough unless you want a pristine first edition. That said, a lot of recent books (a year to three years) may have been remaindered or of unsold stock so will be brand new and unread. I got a lot of my university reading list this way and saved a fortune over the campus shop.
  7. Yeah! What happened to the pre-production Lancaster kit that you were converting? I'm still wiping the drool from my chin.
  8. Port side unchanged, Starboard moved forward (10mm in 1/48th) according to "B-17 Flying Fortress, Classic Aircraft Their history and how to model them" by Jerry Scutts, p.105.
  9. One side stayed put and the other moved. I'll see if I can find which side in a mo'
  10. I've been thinking of buying the Lanc kit to rob for two of its Merlins. Would look nice on the Revell Beau. I'd also like to think I could chop the remainder up to make a Manchester...
  11. Possibly to avoid it being misread as an "X".
  12. The only 1/24th kit not to need wheel well treatment is the Stuka. The FW190 is the best, but could still do with detailing. At least it has a bulkhead. I'll buy everything you do though leave the Harrier till last, after 109 exhausts. And side bracing for Spitfire gun bays please. I think that Airfix knew their initial child market well: do you want a P-51 with guns/bombs/rockets? Or a wheelwell?
  13. Kits for Cash do an F2 set, but you will have to be quick, production is to cease soon: https://www.kitsforcash.com/1-24th-harrier-fa2-conversion-limited-edition-of-80-i7735.htm
  14. I have both kits, but have yet to start. The tooling marks are, i think, for separate parts of the mould as the wing is generic. The A5 wing is flat at this point. I suspect that the under-fuselage gun bulges on the A8 are a bit shallow, but it's an easy fix with Milliput. The kit has the feel of a good (Hasegawa? Tamiya?) 1/48 scale kit pantographed up, only let down, for sensible pricing reasons, with an underwhelming wheel bay. The engine will be barely seen anyway and the gun bay area should be modelled closed or would look stunning with some scratch built super-detailing. I would love to see a complete aftermarket engine and gun bay, but don't think I could ever afford one. The kit. I think, is good value for what you get. There is plenty of so so 1/48 stuff going for the same price, though I ought mine for around £55-£75 on line.
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