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  1. I believe they are cutting edge now alas long OOP but wingman models has a set now... HTH Frederick Jacobs
  2. lovely work sir I love the lines of that bomber. I like it more then, dare I say it?, the B17 anyway regarding your battery set up wouldn't be more safe to put in the back of the big round tube in the centre of the bomb bay take out he back end no soul will notice and no need to tape it risking more damage to bomb bay and the doors... just a thought. Cheers Frederrick Jacobs
  3. well do remember when it looks like that it crashed LOL Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  4. because in the movie the back seat was fired along with a culprit olong with it and a good guy took his place in the rear pit... Cheers Fred
  5. damn Ben the decal thing sure is FUBAR glad you found the spirit to re mask them I hate it when a perfect paint gets ruined because of varnish issues gets me real angry...it looks stellar so far. Looking forward to your next update my friend keep m coming... Cheers Fred PS to Ben its kitty time...you know what I mean
  6. WOw I really like to make one of these myself Tim Perry - aka @wunwinglow I for sure love to test a sample for you as well Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  7. there HF radio antenna's Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  8. count me in for a set of these hot damn.. Cheers Fred
  9. Mark you could use the vas as a conversion set for the trumpeter one...might be easier faster? looking forward to this one Cheers Fred
  10. Looking forward to this one Want to do one of these as well. They sure do have some history to it that's for sure and still a touchy subject in Britain on contest tables..Great books btw make for some quite interesting read.. CHeers Frederick Jacobs
  11. Personally the last photo's where the coolest I really like the big number on the tails..FWIW looking forward to next update what a cool project this is Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  12. I have to think that yours is going to end up being more accurate from the box then mine I'm trying to do what I can to make it more appealing but noting major is done a clip here and there a twist and opening up vents and what not.. Nothing too out of the ordinary or exceptional. I sure wish that Ian's set was already available I'd buy it in a heart beat. However even without yuo can't mistaken this model for anything else then a Lightning... Cheers mate Frederick Jacobs As they say Tom where there's smoke there's fire...I think that back in the days eve
  13. Looking awesome my friend I'm really looking forward to your next updates going to be a killer model when done ... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  14. time for another update got the IFR all done and dusted glad to have it out of the way made it removable will safe me surely from an early destruction and saves me heaps of trouble while transporting this beauty around here's my take on leading edge cut out...quite tricky to make and by the looks of it I'm need to add a touch of filler gain tommorow ...then I need to do it again on the other side... left wing so far started doing detail in the main gear bay stumbled on to few problems made my mind up a m
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