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  1. stusbke

    AH-64 "peten" Matrix IAF.

    nice one babs looking forward to seeing this one develop as the basic kit is a RPITA... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  2. stusbke

    F-16A NSAWC "55"

    Now that is nothing short of a thing of beauty...Lovely work on the paint job.. looking forward to the other viper in your dual build thread Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  3. no they don't They are way too small in diameter to fit the kit...a shame rally as they really look beautifull Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  4. see told ya... Good job my friend looking forward to seeing this one develop further Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. You already know the answer to that Q mate.... Top job so far looking forward to the next update Cheers Fred
  6. F111? but who cares anyway.... its going to be awesome anyway LOL Cheers Fred
  7. stusbke

    Trumpeter/Hasegawa OA-4AR

    Lovely work..great job all round... makes sense cutting it up like that and by the looks of it its not that daring or mind bogling hard to achieve tempting to do one as well Thanx for sharing Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  8. I would disagree, look at this picture again to me the nose gear is perpendicular to the nose but the forward stance is being achieved by the tail heavy stance of the whole airframe just my 0.02 Cheers Fred
  9. stusbke

    Next GB: Colour my World Blue

    how about this one? Kai wolter picture as found on combat edge production Cheers Fred
  10. stusbke

    F/A-18F Resin Cockpit Help Please??

    I have to ask Ben about this but IICRC he used a academy kit pit in his single seat SH... if you have facebook check out his FB page; Scale Navy Stuff Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  11. stusbke

    F/A-18F Resin Cockpit Help Please??

    Luca, The BB avionix F18B/D pits fit perfect in there just make sure you change the IP and IP coamings per type you want to build and have it ...far better then the trump pit by any means... HTH Cheers Fred
  12. stusbke

    F/A-18F Resin Cockpit Help Please??

    yep goes in just fine http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64596&p=837037 Cheers Fred
  13. stusbke

    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Did you try and using decal set for them rivets...works a charm on mine never have carrier film visible afterwards just a thought looking killer mate looking foprward to the weekend Cheers Fred
  14. I would go for a set up just like your lovely Rafales keep it simple yet sturdy and its doesn't distract from the models that way.. Cheers Fred Ooh and BTW Nutter...but I like it very much...
  15. Cardboard...damn never thought of that one...how rigid is the frame comparable with styrene?? And when you say the cut styrene is off, could you not calculate that in with the start outlines? Or is that throwing it all too far off? Just asking how come you made the switch in medium....styrene sure worked well with your other projects thus far.... Going to look killer Ben and by your title here's a little motivation LOL Cheers Frederick Jacobs