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  1. Cool feature never knew that! Thing is I think back in the days it was more a lets try till it works kinda hands on mentallity now its all simutaions yet nothing beats real testing IMHO sometimes you win sometimes you loose I alreay commented a few pages back on how awesome your build is! truly a great feat to overcome big hurdles that fast and well. I really need to dig out mine again (Ben S aka Starfighter) gave me some info and data so I'm eager to get her back on my Bench. I realy like the curves on that one and the fact that the conversion look easy from afar but when you look in to it a whole other level of specific detaisl emerge... anyway I degress Good luck on your next project and I'm sure as hell following that one! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  2. Awesome job Peter just plain awesome It's odd that the nose gear actually extended on the top rather then the bottom like most other birds do! Makes it even more cooler to see that gear take that much beating extending on the top. Anyway love every bit of it my friend! I can't wait to see the ready for inspection pictures on this one! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  3. I think he' talkng about the avionics bays on theleft side of the nowe secton the doors are a tricky fit but nothingmoe complicated the he IFR door which you amready did quite nicely! kee up the good work but be aware the zactomodels intakes isnt quite a breeze to get it fit nicely! And be prepared for quite some sanding and scribing in the near future the pallets noses are a basic drop in fit! after you removed the trumpeter parts off course! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  4. That's a Vf154 bird I'm thinking on doing that one in better days aka before the forced bail out! Love that double load out of zuni and sidewinders, thinking on doing a line up of just vf154 jets a time line sort of anyway... the ginter book kinda sparked that I must admit! amen and with the diorama you have in mind it would perfectly sum up the bravado those pilots had last of the gunfighter! Tally Ho! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. Dude it would be a crime not to build it like that! Awesome idea! looking forward to it! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  6. well you can't go wrong with a crusader wings up, all slats and flaps out and hook down, coming in to smack on the deck can you? Game on! I'd say! love the kit its not a bad kit at all and with few fuselage parts meaning its a fast paced build Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  7. Awesome work my friend glad the canopies turned out great. The tint is ineed to be jalous off as its looking the part and its a great deal of the feel for the prowler! almost on the home stretch looking forward to further updates Peter! Fly Navy! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  8. Looking awesome this love every bit of it... as for the gear couldnt you use an F14 main gear weren't they the same? Or was that the hawkeye I'm getting confused ! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  9. Another awesome project... following this for sure love the B-24 over the B-17 don't know why maybe its the high mounted wing don't know its just more cool looking then a b-17. Anyhoo looking forward to more pregress on this one my friend... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  10. I think he's building an early test bird hence the escepac... for some reason they all used excepac for test prototype birds odd that Cheers Fred
  11. The main bays might be able to be used. but I have to check The nose gear bay not even close its way too small and different in size and form compared to the tamiya part.. for whats its worth they actually fit the trumpeter kit exceptionally well. Being its an aires set after all the fit was surprizingly pleasing and downright impressive. HTH Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  12. Peter to quote my favourite movie "gutsiest move I have ever seen!" damn my friend that turned out way better and I feel on the doing it thrice to get it right type of thing and its indeed always the case when scratch building but when you do get it right like you envisioned man its pure joy from there.... Cheer mate Frederick Jacobs
  13. how cool is this mate Keep on trucking on this one I love it! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  14. LOL alright then consider me hooked then... I guess.. Thanks for the stories.. Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  15. what are you doing don't tempt me in to one of these damnit... LOL about the aoa of the jet when she's almost plowing on to the deck it looks kinda steep no.? I know you have quite the down slope aft of the boat to get onboard. But doens't one have to see the meatball all the time? Or is that part of hte reason its offset tot the left so you can keep an eye on it all the time.? Anyway I know you know more on that then I'll ever will ,so I'll trust it will be right on the money, but damn that's quite steep! When looking at video's on youtube it never ever looks that's steep its all about perspective isn't it...? Carry on my friend! I'm really looking forward to seeing this bird done... it's an epic display...and it's getting me all excited to try on of these myself! Cheers Frederick Jacobs
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