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  1. like these sheets a lot, I just wish syh@rt would scale up a few of his sets....man who would have ever thought of a kitted mirage 2000...damn exciting times we live in... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  2. eduard did https://www.eduard.com/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-32/f-18-etch-stencil-data-mask-etch-1-32.html HTH Frederick Jacobs
  3. Another top notch build sir... nothing beats the sleek lines of this little nifty jet and in an all black livery it's faster then stink... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  4. You could use the radar that comes in the academy F18? they are quite lovely in detail and since I got a few of those in the stash I can surely part with one of them... If I'm not mistaken its the same let me know if you want the parts I can give them to you at affligem or send them your way all the same for me... Looking great so far going to be one hell of a display when ready Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. might reduce the size a bit of the pictures. and then reload? I think your on god level here this is shaping up in to an epic buid...keep m coming I damn fine work so far Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  6. Wow just found this thread I like it a lot....quite the daring project but you seem to be on the right track here...looking forward to your next updates is there any chance we'll be seeing this at the KMK show or any show for that matter this yer in Belgium? Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  7. One thing I always wonder about that is what kit do you guys take along the tools ok I get that and I can get a relative small set on the go but where and how to store your work and what type of work would you do on the road? Love to hear from you guys....interesting topic this... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  8. cockpit closed then no need to install resin pit maybe just a nex front Ip coaming and call it a day when the crew is in there nothing much can be seen in there anyway intakes are a must on both builds as with crew inside no point in adding fod covers... for the F-14 I would definately get the intakes and the nozzles from aires they are both worth the money and add lots of detail...the pit is up to you but IMHO not worth forking out 40 bucks to cover it all up with canopy rails and crew..but that's just my 0.02 Same applies for the F-4 But you be better off searching for decals first as I found out a lot of times that that is the most limiting factor in what you end up building Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  9. The F4s is buildable from the box nothing other requiredthen new outer wing part cockpit and exhausts. The N is a whole different story all together...thing wing new tires etc etc... As for the F14 I'd still go with trumpeter for a D as the tamiya conversion is no picknick either...but that's just my 0.02 Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  10. Awesome job on those my friend Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  11. I can vouch for them as well just like Lothar great service replied quite fast and send parts with no extra costs and quite fast too.. Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  12. lovely job so far nice safe on the intakes...sure makes the effort worth while... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  13. give Advanced Modelling Products a hollar on facebook he might be able to help you out with some decals for that bird I know he did for my F-4.. Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  14. I know where that leads mate to awesomeness street.... Cheer my friend and happy building Frederick Jacobs
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