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  1. Looking forward to this one Want to do one of these as well. They sure do have some history to it that's for sure and still a touchy subject in Britain on contest tables..Great books btw make for some quite interesting read.. CHeers Frederick Jacobs
  2. Personally the last photo's where the coolest I really like the big number on the tails..FWIW looking forward to next update what a cool project this is Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  3. I have to think that yours is going to end up being more accurate from the box then mine I'm trying to do what I can to make it more appealing but noting major is done a clip here and there a twist and opening up vents and what not.. Nothing too out of the ordinary or exceptional. I sure wish that Ian's set was already available I'd buy it in a heart beat. However even without yuo can't mistaken this model for anything else then a Lightning... Cheers mate Frederick Jacobs As they say Tom where there's smoke there's fire...I think that back in the days everyone wanted a piece of the F15. Tomcats had the same ordeal and I bet that there's hud tape enough to proof it though never will see light of day of the hush hush and ooh no you didn't just do that type of stuff.
  4. Looking awesome my friend I'm really looking forward to your next updates going to be a killer model when done ... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. time for another update got the IFR all done and dusted glad to have it out of the way made it removable will safe me surely from an early destruction and saves me heaps of trouble while transporting this beauty around here's my take on leading edge cut out...quite tricky to make and by the looks of it I'm need to add a touch of filler gain tommorow ...then I need to do it again on the other side... left wing so far started doing detail in the main gear bay stumbled on to few problems made my mind up a minute ago on how to fix it all so hopefully if it all goes to plan I'll have a update ready soon with both wings done.... small things with a big difference... the tail I've been wondering what to do about the tail as it had a few problems the dent in the leading edge, actually a scoop more on that later, actually needs to line up with the air brake, and the panel line that I marked with move / re scribe needs to end somewhere in between the rudder rather then ending dead on the edge of it. Solution pretty straight forward. Cut off 5mm moved the whole thing forward and presto looks way better now an easy fix... another easy fix was to hollow out the dent as its actually a scoop on the real deal much better. its things like this that make a model interesting its one of the reasons I can't wait to get started on the main fuselage there are a ton of vents scoops and what not one can add that only make the model pop... looking forward to the next update Cheers guys Frederick Jacobs
  6. Currently doing the same job on my wings albeit not vac formed ones..it is indeed a tricky job to do Lovely work so far and hoping for more update soon Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  7. I'm really having a blast with this one, going trough other build threads over here I took can't remember which one, could be Eric's or John's not sure, that one needs to lower the tip of the wing root to clear the panel located there. Well I did that and made a notch in the wing, so getting two things done at the same time, bonus for me.. Anyway here's what I mean top wing is unaltered bottom is already done. Cutting it up vertical and sanding down the bottom so the top part could be bend down to meet with the already pre bended bottom part. you get the idea. it may seem stupid but this really changes the way the wings look on the fuselage compare this picture with the first one I took it clears that panel cleanly now as shown here and the front profile is looking way better remodelling the second wing now and giving that time to dry so I can sand it back and re scribe what ever detail I lost during the process..slowly but steady she's turning in to a lightning...LOL Cheers guys till next update Frederick Jacobs
  8. I guess its the same as the tomcat I've only seen the demo once and that was an A version, would have loved to see a B or D version go at it man that would have been bittersweet. The F15 can zoom quite lovely seen the west coast demo team come by in Belgium a decade ago man they tore up the place still vividly remember that demo they rumbled soil as well One thing I LOVE about fighter jets that brute power... its just pure magic... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  9. actually only the belly tank was metallic and not even for long its the the 3 tome Grey scheme I'm doing with the decals from Xtradecal Not keeping her clean that's for sure but not overly weathered I'm not a fan of that anyway not my thing I want them to represent how they looked on the line not derelict ... Cheers Fred
  10. yep seen a few of these climb outs on youtube what a beast that was...I can only imagine what it was like going to airshows those days ....Awesome Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  11. Hi guys joining in on this Gb. title says it all really hope to get this one done rapidly not too keen on changing a lot will do a few bits here and there but I hope to get her closed up ASAP and get paint on her while bench time is at its peak ATM the livery which I'm going to build wrote down what Ill need to address before she can be closed up. Looks like a lot, should be al right, mostly its fa├žade adding to make the fuselage pop more in terms of detail and clutter first things first wings moved back 3mm like I've seen done in so many other builds does make a huge difference hence me doing it. next up before I do any other work is the inflight refueling probe I eyeballed this mostly but its looks ok for me I'll be pleased when its done one more sanding session tomorrow and I'm on my way to another big item on the list It was dropping a bit while I was taking this picture but you get the idea still need to add the ball in front end sand to length and add the master refuelling probe to call it really done but this is what makes the look of the lightning IMHO so glad that step is done... on tot he next update guys Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  12. Well I Can safely say that this is by no means an option as the aires lovely parts who fit the tamiya kit like a charm are way undersized for the trumpeter parts....I'm trying to make the kit parts look like a decent representation of the real deal but for the time being that's your only option HTH Cheers Fred
  13. Hey Chuck sorry to hear about your set back regarding the clear parts Can I suggest making them from scratch? making a frame inside first then add a clear sheet cut from packaging materials and then add a thin outer shelf with styrene? that way you would have full control on the way the need to overlap and take care of any width issues you had making them fit properly . just a thought but looking at the shapes they are not oddly curved just bend at the top so IMHO quite doable Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  14. I kicked Sylvain's butt at Affligem for not having made these already available the D day special ones especially! He was thinking about it I just hope to God he does those as well they'd sell like hot candy.... Cheers Fred
  15. I'm in and just to be honest here I'm not a true fan on adding aal the stripes in the form of decals I spray them way easier and better to control the fades and makes the sheet a lot less expensive Just my 0.02 Cheers Fred
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