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  1. Red Dog another lovely model my friend you sure have a taste for interesting displays ... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  2. this might sound like a stupid remark here but have you looked at the revell intakes? I think they'll be a dead on match for this Cheers Fred
  3. Sure Derek when he needs to do DIY or when he is out of resin....LOL Nice work buddy keep m coming Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  4. that makes me want to break out a long nosed phantom and get cracking. Wow love the painting and finish its superb a true thing of beauty... Congrats sir hatt's off to you Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. Ian how much plastic (or kg?) did you use in order to make these pieces so far? Loving every bit of this ... IMHO this sure is game changing stuff isn't it? feels like a bit of cheating then again the bulk of the work is in the design and drawing stage... so In a sense you're making this model digital first and then for real with your printed parts.. thoroughly enjoying this thread it shows all that be achieved in today's modelling... exciting times we live in Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  6. bronco or a beech aircraft with the push porp in between the booms? just guessing here Cheers Fred
  7. I believe they are cutting edge now alas long OOP but wingman models has a set now... HTH Frederick Jacobs
  8. lovely work sir I love the lines of that bomber. I like it more then, dare I say it?, the B17 anyway regarding your battery set up wouldn't be more safe to put in the back of the big round tube in the centre of the bomb bay take out he back end no soul will notice and no need to tape it risking more damage to bomb bay and the doors... just a thought. Cheers Frederrick Jacobs
  9. well do remember when it looks like that it crashed LOL Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  10. because in the movie the back seat was fired along with a culprit olong with it and a good guy took his place in the rear pit... Cheers Fred
  11. damn Ben the decal thing sure is FUBAR glad you found the spirit to re mask them I hate it when a perfect paint gets ruined because of varnish issues gets me real angry...it looks stellar so far. Looking forward to your next update my friend keep m coming... Cheers Fred PS to Ben its kitty time...you know what I mean
  12. WOw I really like to make one of these myself Tim Perry - aka @wunwinglow I for sure love to test a sample for you as well Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  13. there HF radio antenna's Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  14. count me in for a set of these hot damn.. Cheers Fred
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