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  1. lovely job so far nice safe on the intakes...sure makes the effort worth while... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  2. give Advanced Modelling Products a hollar on facebook he might be able to help you out with some decals for that bird I know he did for my F-4.. Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  3. I know where that leads mate to awesomeness street.... Cheer my friend and happy building Frederick Jacobs
  4. kick ass job so far on this wonderful jet Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  5. I forsee another purchase with reedoak coming up lol lovely idea mate and definitely adds a ton on interest that's for sure... so going by your earlier responses I assume you are putting the aft ramp down and cabin doors open???? keep m coming I'm really enjoying this one Cheers Fred
  6. So not only are you going to make a large scale stallion while you're at it opening up all the top panels....my kinda guy Keep m coming Ben...I can't wait to see this unfold... Cheers Fred
  7. Lovely work always loved the looks of the lightning...it seems to going mach 2 standing still.. Looking forward to your next update on this classic jet.. Cheers Fred
  8. HTH Gives you an idea I suppose on what you can expect in respect to the lightning inside the pit Cheers Fred
  9. You're making amraams dude....that just made my day... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  10. Sure look at Ben's post in the WIP forum he's dong a 1/35 Ch-53 fully printed. And before that he already had a fully printed 1/32nd scale Orion with him at BSMC Putte... I for one think that's the way to go if you want to do one off's.. Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  11. Yep another Phantom in the pipeline..going to do this in honour of a fellow club member who passed away recently...this one is for you Ghilain... Using the fox one decal and hopefully the upcoming decals from AOA I'm hoping I can pull this one off. obligatory box picture with add ons... Aires exhausts I know but I got then trough a sweet deal and with a little trickery I can make m work. Brassin seat they look awesome and add a ton of detail to the OOB pit adding extra detail is going to be the name of the game here... Rhino intakes they come with some sweet wheels and killer fan blades..more on those later the fox one decals the reason for the project to start, but to be honest they are in bad shape cracked severely so still on the lookout fr the Zotz decals and with the upcoming AOA decals I'm all set.... what I plan on doing well sort off but more on that later Hoping to have more on this beauty later this week started with the seats and the pit...going to use the box cockpit and adding on to that rather then trying to shoehorn an Aires pit in there... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  12. Nice to see the F-5 getting the "kicked up a notch" treatment as for the scheme there's a set of masks available through Aero Masks http://www.advmodprds.com/f532.html just to give you a heads up Ps I'm doing the red 21 love that scheme... Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  13. I know man but I'm hoping they somehow did otherwise why bother telling to scrape of plastic in the middle ? I'll wait and see I do however LOVE the smaller details the pit in general, the gears and gear bays way ahead of the trumpy ones. It actually looks rigid enough to hold...time will tell mate time will tell. Cheers Frederick Jacobs
  14. Darnit ok another WIP it is then at least I hope to get this one done before it end, I have a year right? I'm going for a F4J Phantom with an old fox one sheet to make a VF-92 jet on piece of deck with some clutter around will this be ok for this GB...? if so count me in guys...and by god we are smoking great builds on this GB for sure... Glad to be a part of this community for sure Cheers Frederick Jacobs
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