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  1. Hey Nic, I have the pod here in 1/32 from BAM models. You can order it from Arnauds website https://bam-models.com/product/1-32-dragons-eye-pod-aesa-for-f-15-or-f-16/ Cheers, Stephan O.
  2. I can recommend the Uprise Decals. Dmitry can print them in any scale and they are very good to work with. https://uprise-decal.ru/tornado-adv
  3. Hello scale modeler friends! I need your help for a new project in 1/32 please. I want to build a YF-22 Lightning II kit I have here from Testors. Since I have seen pictures of the N22YF carrying the spin recovery chute container, I want to have it on my model! The problem are more detailed pictures, they are very rare. A very good friend of mine already start work to design this chute compartment but we need more detailed pictures of the whole thing. Does anyone of you got any closer picture or know someone who can help out wirh more informations and pictures please?
  4. Lovely as always Do you have plans for other helicopter like SH/MH/HH-60 series in 1/35 from Kitty Hawk? Thanks
  5. Dave, are you planning a 1/32 ATARS decal sheet as well that we can use this conversion? Stephan
  6. Hello Maurizio, great news! What time frame was this tow truck in use? Are you plannung more USN stuff in 1/32? Thanks
  7. Hopefully with better printed 3D parts as in the Viggen kit...
  8. Awesome build Nic Cheers, Stephan
  9. Guys, if you have any good pictures of the newer F-15 wheels (with 14 holes), Jan will be very happy
  10. I need this one too in 1/32 for the green WA Vipers
  11. Hello Jan, I just received my order from last week from you and I am very happy about these great products The surface details are amazing!! I compared them with the kit parts and it is a great improvement for this kit The casting quality is also top notch I am very happy that you are helping us modelers to make our models even better with your upgrade parts. I am looking forward for new parts and will definitely buy again from you because I have so many Eagles in stock Great communication, great parts, great quality!!
  12. I am watching it with interest, because I wanna do the same a/c one day :-)
  13. These are great news!! I have already 8 Kitty Hawk SH/MH/HH-60 kits and will def buy the low viz markings and stencil sheets The Kitty Hawk kit decals are crap, wrong colours and bad quality... I am looking forward to the profil pictures of each option that will be made it on the sheet. Are you later planning a sheet with correct high viz markings, Aggressor and test or Rescue birds? CanĀ“t wait to get more infos on that
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