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  1. Hey Dave, when does the 1/32 Harrier pylones coming?
  2. Cool, I am in for 1 set Best regards Stephan
  3. Thank you for the advice with the pre-order. I got my confirmation within 10 minutes by email :-) Can´t wait
  4. I got my new books yesterday and they are awesome as always!!! Can´t wait to see whats next. I hope for more russian stuff like Su-24, 25, 27/30/35 and helos like Mi-8, 17, 28 and Ka-52. I have made tons of Ka-52 detail shots in Kubinka last year if there is an Interest.
  5. Hello Dave, great stuff! Are you doing 1/32 AV-8 Harrier pylones as well? They totally off... When is the 1/32 ATARS nose available? Thanks
  6. You can use the wonderful Aires/Quickboost intake and exhaust cover set.
  7. But better to have an inaccurate MiG-25 in 1/32 than no MiG-25. We are modelers and can handle it. Thats our job
  8. I have a bad feeling as well but lets wait and hope...
  9. I found this on Cybermodeler. Never heard from this company... It would be a dream to have a Su-57 in 1/32!! Click
  10. Finally!!! You are the first person (aftermarket business) who do the nose right!! Thanks Stanislav, I need a few of those noses :-) Can´t wait PS: Any updates on the MiG-29 wheel bays and MiG-29UB cockpit?
  11. No thanks... Too big and too expensive. Why you don´t do an Yak-130? It is small and will sell good... Or a MiG-27 and MiG-23UB conversion in 1/32. Thats more important than a B-52...
  12. Chris, I have long waited for this update! Thanks for doing them Stephan
  13. Okay, thanks for the info. And what brand of paint did you use? Xtra Colors?
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