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  1. I know all that. Just haven't got enough info to model that particular machine.
  2. Thank You! XE794, for me please. (Hemswell & Lindholme)
  3. Does anyone have the serial number of the one Albert Ball crashed in? It was from Eastchurch.
  4. It's Fatally Flawed! Needs aftermarket etc. etc.
  5. Would it be possible to 'reverse engineer' a workable mould by using a vacform as a pattern? Just thinking aloud, as I have an unbuilt 2 seater Hunter in the stash.
  6. I make the serial to be ED996 (or thereabouts) but 996 was a 12 Sqn Machine. It was one of a batch of 247 craft delivered between March & June 1943. Gibbo's Lanc was from the same batch.
  7. Mont Candon V1 site is at Lon 1 degree 00' 51.1"E and Lat 49 degrees 48' 34.6" N if you want to go onto Google Earth and try to match the fields roundabout.
  8. I think this particular photo was taken whilst attacking a V1 site or similar. Countryside underneath does not necessarily indicate it's a wasted bombload. I had a brief shufti on the IBCC website to find the image, hoping to get a date or location but gave up.
  9. The dihedral to the outer wing raises the leading edge above the exhaust plume, hence the lead deposits wrap over the outer nacelle and under the wing and not over like the others.
  10. I have never tried it, but, back in the day of Airfix 1/76 soldier articles in their magazine, PVA was recommended.
  11. A lovely man. Always had time to talk about aeroplanes.
  12. Right Click, Save As. Thank You for that. I always wondered. Not as if streamlining just there mattered. Maybe to stop freezing?
  13. I see that they have plated over the bomb bay roof. I've never been convinced that this was so. Why would they bother?
  14. Note that the image above is of an early model (dated 1951) but probably ok for war-time use. Note that the towing eye was modded to include the-box-with-a-spring-in-it and the rear eye loop was replaced with the flip-flop model
  15. Shows well the bolt-on mod replacing the original towing eye.
  16. Noooooooooo! The Trumpy kit is wrong around the canopies! Don't trust their cross sections. On the real craft there is pronounced 'flaring' around the window seal/fuselage top area. Once you see it in photos, you can't unsee it. The Cutting Edge resin A-5J wasn't much better to be honest. I think the Trumpy kit is fixable, but I haven't seen mine for a few years, so can't be absolutely certain. Like most modellers I want my canopies open but I think it would be fairly straightforward to glue everything down and fill/sand/fill to get it right but I'm not good at polishing the glazing afterwards. That said, I think I could scatch build the flying surfaces and undercarriage, so if you are considering selling parts sometime, I'm keen, a can of grain filling Halfords yellow filler/primer is at the ready! Keep up the good work!
  17. The 'splitters' common to Harrier & Jaguar flightlines were made up from redundant trolley-accs. Chassis, wheels & towing arm were unchanged (though a fat & chunky adaptor was bolted onto the original, rather small, eye to enable it to be towed by Douglas tractors & Landies). A wooden box was made up to contain two separate outward supplies (hence the 'split') with a female adaptor (identical to the aircraft plug) to feed the juice in from the Houchin.
  18. Does this mean that I, er, could scan some 1/72 Vigilante pieces and then print me out a 1/32 one?
  19. All these years and this is the first photo I've ever seen of him! I know this day must come, but I do hope someone out there will take over. I have loads of ATB books and magazines. Some are so old, like the V-weapons one, that a re-write/update is now long overdue. Enjoy your retirements guys, you deserve it. Please write down all the gossip, tittle-tattle and rumours you have picked up over the decades: no one knows nore about WW2 locations in Britain than you two. Oh, and if you can tell me which one of the, around 50, V1 sites that actually fired the weapon, I'd be v grateful!
  20. "it halfs the price when you come to move it on" Yes. To Me! I'll buy it! Tatty box, yellowed decals, pre-fondled parts, whatever! I can find the space to put it, somewhere, much easier than finding the £400! The 'short production run' bit worries me though. Is it a sales ploy, or are modern moulds not up to the kind of run Airfix managed in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. remember the Spitfire IX, JE-J? They were on sale everwhere for over 30 years.
  21. "but more about casting aspersions on Chinese respect for intellectual property, etc." Am I correct in assuming that 'legal title' to whatever WNW produced and had in development has been sold on, presumably to an asian concern, in a proper and above board manner, even if, currently, this info is commercially confidential? Or, and I'm making a wild guess here, the collapse was so sudden and immediate that despite the 'intellectual assets' residing in NZ software somewhere, the actual moulds were abroad, as part of the farming out process globalisation demands.This metal is somewhere, (including the Lanc) and in legal limbo, awaiting bankruptcy auditors etc.
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