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Kittyhawk A/T 28 B/D Trojan finished, addendum


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Now I'm getting nervous having such talented modellers looking in in my build!

I'll try not to drop the ball too badly.

It has been suggested to me that some aircraft may have had armor head protection behind the seat(s). While I have been unable to confirm or deny this, it does make sense and, while awaiting the resin upgrades I took a chance and imagineered up some back/head armor with C channel and T bar plastic stock with .005" plastic sheet cut to fit as the armor. 

cutting parts for the frame;


frames glued together, one facing fwd the other back;


sheet styrene added, back/head armor(ish) ready for install


Thanks for looking

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Great build of a fascinating subject.   As a humble weathering suggestion - If you are modeling one of those Laotian T-28's, I'm guessing the backside of the props would be down to bare metal due to those dusty / dirty landing strips.   


I feel like I need to grab a KH T-28 before they are gone forever (or selling for crazy $ on E-Bay). 



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Thanks for looking/ commenting. I can't take much credit for the instrument panels, all I did was paint the pe. front face and add some white/ blue background behind the film.

As of quitting time tonight, I have glued in the cockpit, wheel bays, engine and closed up the fuselage the seams have been cleaned up as well. 








Thanks for looking

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