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Kittyhawk A/T 28 B/D Trojan finished, addendum


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A bit more done on the T-28

I had to add another 1.5 ozs to the nose making the model quite heavy and me a little nervous...the main gear legs aren't quivering under load yet but I bet it's close. The kit comes with 1.8 ozs of steel to counter balance it but maybe with the resin parts I've skewed that calculation?

In any case the model will now sit on it's nose gear.

Here's a couple of shots of how it sits tonight;





the cowls are coated with alclad dark aluminum in preparation for the coming paint chipping




Thanks for looking

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Thanks for the encouragement! 

I spent the day in the hobby room hiding out from record breaking heat wave (40°C) Some of you are used to it, may even think that's mild but that's hot for Saskatoon. Thank goodness for A/C 

I spent some time detailing painting and sticking weapons and landing gear together.












Thanks for looking

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  • chrish changed the title to Kittyhawk A/T 28 B/D Trojan (Zoro) finished

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