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Kittyhawk A/T 28 B/D Trojan finished, addendum


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Probably not the best idea to be building a kit of a company who just closed the doors to operations but, I never bought it as an investment.

I've ordered the Aires resin office and wheel bays, on sale at HLJ and have begun by building up parts I can work around not needing the upgrade parts.

The control surfaces have had the trailing edges thinned as much as I dare and, assembly is beginning on the engine.

I'll be stealing...re-purposing... surplus parts from an Academy F/A 18 (bombs) and brass gun barrels for a HK B-17 perhaps more as I move along.

-Disclaimer- This model will not represent an historically correct aircraft, merely represent a strike armed T-28 aircraft of the era. 

The box top


The intended color scheme (if I get that far)



Some of the parts-now in progress at this time




Thanks for looking

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Still tinkering on the Trojan

working on the ordnance tonight. Painting in progress, Alclad steel overcoated with chipping medium and olive drab;



Going to go with a "borrowed" rocket pod. One fully loaded, here with cannon shells stolen from Trumpeter Su 27 and fitted to look like rockets



What the layout may resemble when loaded if I get that far;


Thanks for looking

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