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  1. Simply beautiful work. Love it Pete!
  2. As a former P-3 driver I’d love to get one but, 1/32 might be too big for my space! Look forward to seeing everyone’s builds.
  3. I Absolutely love Robert Taylor’s artwork. I have quite a few of his prints as well as other aviation artists. Unfortunately haven’t purchased and in the past 10 years due to the usual marriage and children. Thankful to have an understanding wife who has hung many of them in our living room/family room. The majority of them hang in the man cave which is fine with me!
  4. Beautiful KingAir. I’ve had my eye on the RVHP UC-12B. I love your build.
  5. Looks like a P2V Neptune.
  6. Beautiful work Bryan. This is giving me motivation to restart my D model.
  7. Jennings, Matthew is a super good guy. If you’ve got Facebook try him there. He’s very fast to respond. I’ve been using Hobbyworld for years with excellent customer service.
  8. MRP is my favorite. Sprays great!
  9. Glad to hear you’re ok. Looking forward to seeing you back in the air soon.
  10. Try to get your hands on Jake Melampy’s Modern Viper guide. It’s an excellent source for F-16 pictures.
  11. Wow! Love it Pete. You've been busy.
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