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  1. Lenny320

    Marine F-4J Phantom - Ready for the paint barn!

    Beautiful work Bryan. This is giving me motivation to restart my D model.
  2. Lenny320

    Mr. Paint / MRP Paints?

    Jennings, Matthew is a super good guy. If you’ve got Facebook try him there. He’s very fast to respond. I’ve been using Hobbyworld for years with excellent customer service.
  3. Lenny320

    Your favourite paints?

    MRP is my favorite. Sprays great!
  4. Lenny320

    L-39 gear up landing

    Glad to hear you’re ok. Looking forward to seeing you back in the air soon.
  5. Lenny320

    Tamiya F16cj block 50

    Try to get your hands on Jake Melampy’s Modern Viper guide. It’s an excellent source for F-16 pictures.
  6. Lenny320

    ZM A-1J on a stick

    Wow! Love it Pete. You've been busy.
  7. Lenny320

    Ordering From Hobbyworld

    I’ve had excellent service with Hobbyworld-USA. If there is any issue, Matthew is very fast to answer emails and via Facebook.
  8. Lenny320

    VFC-12 Ambush 06 - FINISHED!

    Looks great Mike. Sorry for the late reply!
  9. Lenny320

    VFC-12 Ambush 06 - FINISHED!

    I’ve got the sheet. I can send you a pic or scan of them
  10. Looking good Peter. I love this kit. Like most Tamiya kits, once i started I couldn't stop! I'm in the middle of painting, unfortunately work keeps getting in the way of my hobby!
  11. Lenny320

    1/32 T-38A Talon

    You might look at Pete Fleischmann's T-38 build. He has done some incredible work.
  12. Lenny320

    Tamiya F-4D Phantom

    Been busy doing work behind the scenes. Not much to look at. Made the initial cuts and grinding of the interior. It's going to be a tight fit. Also trimmed the Black Box cockpit. Put now an a base coat of interior Grey from MRP Sorry for the bad photo work. I'll work to improve.
  13. Lenny320

    Tamiya F-4D Phantom

    Thanks Chuck. Your builds are a true inspiration.
  14. Lenny320

    Tamiya F-4D Phantom

    Well, gents now that the kids are back in school I'm going to start a build i've been dying to do for years. The Tamiya F-4D in my hometown Guard unit the DC ANG! It's a lot of firsts for me my first time working with resin, first time doing rescribing. I've been studying Chuck's incredible F-4E build from a few years ago. I figure life is to short to put off trying new things and try not to be afraid to make mistakes. Here's the Kit, Black Box cockpit, DEF Models intake covers and wheels, and Speed Hunter decals. Started by sanding off the battle damage from the kit.
  15. Lenny320

    Tamiya Birdcage Corsair

    Bryan, I'm taking notes on your weathering work. It's looking really cool.