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Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge

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Not being able to let the German floatplanes go, I'm preparing for the release of Lukgraph's Friedrichshafen FF.33 L within the next couple of weeks.




Friedrichshafen FF.33's at Zeebrügge.




One of the characteristic features of the German Navy at Zeebrügge are the distinctive Rail Cars for transporting the planes and I've been thinking of

scratch building one of those for some time now.



This means I've started this project backwards trying to figure out how those 'Trolleys' would have been put together.




Miniart has released a set of Railway wheels, they come in handy.




It hasn't been easy, but long story short, the Trolley is beginning to come together... Now I'm waiting for some more Evergreen styrene profiles to be able

to continue the build of the Trolley.


Cheers: Kent

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11 minutes ago, dodgem37 said:

Are you eye-balling and extrapolating this from photos or do you have drawings?


Some measures from this one...



Exactly Mark: 'Eye-balling & extrapolating from photos' hence the term 'freestyling' 


Extrapolating, I didn't know that one :rolleyes:



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That's so cool.  Nice to have a project to work on until the plane arrives, really like the look of the raily dolly.  Interesting idea for them to use rail cars to move the planes around where needed.  Can't wait to see the FF33 perched on it.






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1 hour ago, scvrobeson said:

Interesting idea for them to use rail cars to move the planes around where needed.


The rail cars are a distinct Zeebrügge feature.


The Zeebrügge harbor was a outer harbor on the Belgian coast (called " Zeebrugge ", meaning "Bruges-by-the-Sea"), or 'Zeehaven van Brugge' in Dutch.

Completed in 1907, it had a sea channel from the outer harbor to Bruges, and an inner harbor in Bruges itself.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the Zeebrügge Mole not being a natural harbor, virtually situated In the middle of the North Sea.





Aerial of Zeebrügge after the Raid in April 1918.




Seaplane Hangers, rail lines & cranes to lower the planes into the sea.




A nice shot of Friedrich Christiansens FF.33 L being hoisted...


Can't wait to get my hands on the Lukgraph kit!


Cheers: Kent

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Posted (edited)

Still waiting...


TIme to do another Rail car, a different type.




This simpler one is used together with the previous one, transporting HB W.12's at Zeebrügge.




This is a much simpler version, I suspect it to be an earlier version of the Rail car.








Wooden wheel covers.




Here's another nice aerial of the rail cars being in us at Zeebrügge. 

Do not challenge me on the Crane!!


BTW, I've isolated some of the footage from Zeebrügge:


FF.33 l's being rolled out at Zeebrügge


Cheers: Kent



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