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Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge


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The printed naval hex sheets from Lukgraph have arrived...




Tests to see how the decals react to different pre shading colors.




So with the pre shading color in place...




Progress of the decal'ing  of the fuselage. The light grey is also Lukgraph's decals.




The colors could be tweeked a bit, but overall I like the result, not too stark in the coloring. 




The floats with a darker version applied.


Cheers: Kent

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On 6/25/2021 at 9:54 PM, monthebiff said:

Looking very good Kent! Is that paint or decals on the floats as if it is decals they have settled beautifully.


Regards. Andy 


Yes they are decals, printed them myself, but it was 'hard work' the get them to settle. Next time I will use my masking method for the floats.




Some last detailing: Wing fuel tank.








The wings are finally done, I had to do them twice because I had an accident with some 'alcohol'.






I'm quite happy with the end result being 'prototype' decals and all...


Cheers: Kent

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2 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Great job Kent!   Is the wing compass something required for all FF33s, or just the L version?


Hmm that's actually a good question, I will have to go on another 'fishing expedition' :D

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3 hours ago, Trak-Tor said:

That's terrific, Kent!





2 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

I just love what you do.  It all turns out so wonderful.





Thank you Juraj & Mark, I'm really looking forward to having the rigging done on this one...

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Further progress...




Top wing in place, fitted like a 'glove'!




Some of the details of the CHFT model (wireless) in place. Generator from the WNW's W.29 kit + Compass at the wing root. The MG ring is also adapted

from the W.29 kit.





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