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Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge


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Outstanding job on the rail cars.  I am debating getting the Lukgraph kit.  Not real fond of all that resin, but the aircraft has grown on me.  A vignette of the aircraft on the Mole would be cool.  I have the book "Zeebrugge" and have seen all these images but the two aerial shots of the mole are new to me.  Great images.


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1 hour ago, Alex said:

I love the dogs hanging out on the rail car...


There are always a lot of dogs hanging around in the photos from Zeebrügge...




4 hours ago, Jaro said:

The roadway pavement is a scratch built or sth stock available?




I've used the rails and cobbles from the Italeri 'Long Dock' kit


Cheers: Kent

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Just caught this thread Kent, outstanding work on the rail cars, especially like the tonal variations on the wood decking on the first one, and the scratch work is just gorgeous!


Beautiful work on the start of the kit itself, the wood grain is superb.




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On 5/6/2021 at 10:58 AM, kkarlsen said:


Are there any better photos of any of the Rail Car's?



Sorry late in getting back to you, but no, the images aren't any better than what you have presented here.  Great job on those cars and neat little diorama to show off the FF.33 upon completion.

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