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Having moved to the dark side (1;48 scale!) for a while, I finally returned to the fold with a blast from my past – the venerable Airfix 1:24 Ju87B-2 Stuka. I built one of these way back in the 70s and it was the last kit I built as a kid. My original version was painted in the European theatre colours, so I thought I’d try out a desert scheme this time around. I really like the AK Real Colours so thought I’d check out their colour guide for WWII – and this is where it got a bit confusing. The colours that I’ve seen on other desert scheme builds all appear to have the RLM 79 from 1942, whereas the aircraft in the instructions is dated 1941 and would, according to the colour guide, have used the lighter earlier version of RLM 79. So, I was brave and went for the distinctly lighter, more yellow early version (my ‘bravery’ was assisted by various members of LSP in my call for help – thanks gents). The interior was upgraded with an Airscale IP (awesome detail!) and HGW seatbelts (also awesome). Anyway, here she is:Airfix_Stuka_01.jpgAirfix_Stuka_02.jpgAirfix_Stuka_03.jpgAirfix_Stuka_05.jpgAirfix_Stuka_06.jpgAirfix_Stuka_07.jpgAirfix_Stuka_08.jpgAirfix_Stuka_09.jpgAirfix_Stuka_04.jpgAirfix_Stuka_10.jpgAirfix_Stuka_11.jpg

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