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  1. Having moved to the dark side (1;48 scale!) for a while, I finally returned to the fold with a blast from my past – the venerable Airfix 1:24 Ju87B-2 Stuka. I built one of these way back in the 70s and it was the last kit I built as a kid. My original version was painted in the European theatre colours, so I thought I’d try out a desert scheme this time around. I really like the AK Real Colours so thought I’d check out their colour guide for WWII – and this is where it got a bit confusing. The colours that I’ve seen on other desert scheme builds all appear to have the RLM 79 from 1942, whereas
  2. Thanks gents. I think after a bit of weathering and a matt coat, my RLM79 should look a bit closer to the 110s. I've seen a number of shots of 109E's with a much brighter sand yellow but hadn't managed to find a JU87 until MARU5137 posted the link.
  3. Thanks for this - gives me hope that it's not too far off. Hopefully it I can knock it back a bit with some weathering
  4. First post in a long time - and a cry for help! I've been working on the Airfix 1:24 JU87B-2 and planned to do it in the North Africa colours, albeit the Montex masks option. I was doing ok up to the RLM 65, 70 and 71 bit, then came RLM 79!!! I've been using AK's Real Colors and found them to be really good to use and, as far as I can tell, accurate. However, the RLM 79 (1941 version) seems very light and very yellow. Below are a couple of photos - any comments (preferably to say it's ok) gratefully received. Dreading the idea of remasking.
  5. Just tried to order a few sets for delivery to the UK but it came up with an error message when I tried to pay (all details looked correct) Are you aware of any problems?
  6. That's freaky - they look like sketches!
  7. I built one of these in the mid 70s - so over 40 years old
  8. Beautiful job Guy! Not wanting to hijack your post but seeing the engine and cockpit photos reminded me that I have pictures taken from an article written by the pattern maker (Pat Tranfield) for this kit. These first two show the patterns built at 1/12 scale: And this last one is Pat's own final kit build. His son still has this actual built kit. If you're interested, the full article is here: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3276 Cheers Paul
  9. Thanks Brian - and the good thing is you can remove the dangly bits if you decide you don't like them as they"re held in with rubber gromets (can't remember the technical term!) Thanks Ray - was really please the way she turned out Thanks Alan. Now you come to mention it, I vaguely remembering reading about the fasteners somewhere - and looking at it again, it makes perfect sense. Next time ...
  10. Thanks John - I did have a lot of encouragement The seat belts are Eduard's own that came with the kit - along with a fair amount of other PE bits.
  11. Hi All This is the Eduard Hasegawa 1:32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae” A really nice, easy kit to build. The only real issues were with the instructions which left out a couple of steps and were not particularly clear at some stages. This was my first try with the Alclad shiny stuff – which was a steep learning curve, helped greatly by LSP members. Here’s a link to the full build story: And here’s some pics:
  12. Also pulling up a chair. This was the first 1/24 kit I built (at the tender age of 14!). The original pattern maker for this (and the 109) was the father of a friend of mine. When you consider what he had to work with back then (no CAD/computers), it makes the kit even more impressive.
  13. After recoating the anti-glare panel with a matt finish, I think we’ll call this done. Here are a few snaps to be going on with. I’ll take some better pics and transfer this to RFI. Just want to say a final big THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me through the build and came forward with the many useful suggestions (like putting the stick the right way around!!). Cheers Paul
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