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  1. Sir Spendalot

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    After my last post I’d planned to get on with the wings … but then got distracted by a few other bits. Anyway, here’s a few more pics, comments and general observations. The undercarriage parts before painting showing the PE. There were awkward injector pin marks on the small doors to the left – a bit of attention with a mini sanding stick sorted them out The undercarriage parts almost finished (can’t really see them in the pics but I’ve added cables to the oleos) Drops tanks ready for paint Wheel wells weathered and installed (added a bit of cabling) Then a bit of a problem/conundrum: The locations for the bombs/drop tank racks appear to be blocked by a long strip running from the shell vents(?) to the flaps After searching in vain for relevant information or photos, I eventually found one in Rick K’s build. It looks like he removed the strips. So: And finally, a quick test fit of the wings (I think I can get rid of the gap by gluing the underside first and the pulling the top up with Tamiya tape (tip-to-tip) …and the front end Back soon! Paul
  2. Sir Spendalot

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    More work on the Jugg. As per Matt’s post, the butchered front end. A quick test fit shows this to work a treat: Main engine parts before weathering: Main engine parts assembled with ignition wires and a bit of weathering (black and burnt umber oil mix): I plan to finish the weathering with a few pigments. And finally, the wheel wells. I initially tried Tamiya’s yellow green but it appeared to be too green. This final colour is AK's new Real Color Yellow Chromate: That's all for now. Paul
  3. Sir Spendalot

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    Thanks guys - very helpful. I figured there might be as the screws are very close together. I've just checked the engine assembly fit and it's definitely off! Time to bring out the saw. One final question/cry for help before finishing off the engine section: I've checked a number of photos and builds and can't figure out what colour I should use for the inside of the engine covers. So far I've seen dark green and chromate yellow ... and the instructions say silver! Any ideas?
  4. Sir Spendalot

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    Quick update. I’ve now added the IP to the pit (and turned the stick around the right way) and closed up the fuselage halves. The IP is the supplied PE parts to which I added some Microscale clear for the lenses. I’ve done a bit of scraping and sanding but managed to remove some detail off the front end. I’ll need to re-rivet (no problem) but will also need to add the round screw-like latches(?) back in – any suggestions gratefully received. And is there supposed to be a panel line along the centre top front of the fuselage (ie along the seam line)? The engine is now well under way and I hope to have some photos in the next day or two.
  5. Sir Spendalot

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    I've just read Juggernut's engine detail post . Think I'll just cover the front end with a tarpaulin!!
  6. Sir Spendalot

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    Thanks for the warm welcome folks. Looking through your locations made me realise just how international this forum is! Thanks Tag - will turn that around Juggernut - thanks for the heads up... but too late By the time I read your message, I'd already buttoned her up. However, I'm hoping the black pigment will have changed the green enough that no one will notice
  7. This will be my first entry on WiP - so please be gentle with me After a fierce battle with Revell's 1/32 Eurofighter, I decided to try something simple and made the Airfix FGR1 Phantom. This was therapeutic - until it came to the decals. 300+ on a 1/72 kit!!! So, after my eyesight recovered, and looking through the stash for a kit that would both fit well and had a more manageable numbers of decals, I decided on this: Which also came with this (unframed): Anyway, I started this just before Christmas and the following is the progress so far: Cockpit parts with unpainted photo etched parts ready for paint: Cockpit parts with primer, base coat and a little post shading (not sure what happened to the colour – it’s interior green ) A side panel with the colour photo etch The remaining cockpit parts with colour photo etch and chipping but before weathering solutions and pigments Three views of the cockpit without one side panel and the IP. This has been weathered with panel line wash and a mix of light dust and black pigments Off to work on the fuse...