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Ivan Zhukov's 1/32 amazing scratchbuilt Ilyushin Il-4T torpedo bomber.


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Please look at this brilliant work from Russian scratchbuilder Ivan Zhukov. I think that it is good idea to present it here with Author's permission.


The Author’s concise description and lot of photos below:

Initial work started 3 years ago with 3D model in Rhinoceros 4.0 to get proper shapes. Later 3D model was used as “master” to cut internal structure details. The main airframe components were cut from 2 mm foamed PVC sheet and covered by shell of the same plastic, but 0.7 – 0.9 mm thick. The nose section framework was soldered from 0.9 mm copper wire using cardboard jig and templates for frames proper shape and alignment, then nose section was stuffed by all necessary equipment and “avionics”. The crew was modified from various plastic figures parts using two component epoxy putty. Cockpit glazing was thermoformed over plaster moulds. The M-88 engines are totally scratch built,  using white metal casting for cylinders. Wheel wells interior structure and landing gear are soldered using copper wires, brass tubing and sheets. The next tricky task was to cover entire airframe with aluminium skin. The same technique, as Peter Castle’s (Airscale) one. Forming, cutting, riveting and so on. Long, long way to finish. Tail control surfaces have plastic internal structure and 0.2 mm thick PVC skin. Wheels were formed in plaster moulds using epoxy putty. Some external addition such as torpedo and its racks, machine gun, gunsights, wheel well doors etc. were 3D printed and painted to finish the project. Wingspan of finished model is around 700 mm and length about 470 mm.


































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