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Delta Dart


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Ok, here is a quick look at my next project. 


This is the Combat Models F-106. I picked this up about 8 months ago and just recently bumped this up to the "Next" pile.


Yes I know, I already have a couple of builds going, but this has been calling me.


I have already cut the parts out from the backing sheet. Surface detail is quite good for a vac. It has a mix of recessed panel lines and raised panels. It comes with 2 vac canopies.


Anyway I will begin construction slowly as I wrap up other projects.


Here is an overall shot of the main components. My 35 year old 1:48th model provides a comparison in size.




Later, Dan



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You might be interested  - I watched a series of interviews with a retired F-106 driver about his experiences in Vietnam on youtube , there are a couple , absolutely fascinating . He smoked F4's for breakfast ! 


Linky Interview Bruce Gordon

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Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment. I will give a little more info. 


This kit was produced about 35/40 years ago. This vac was produced using a female mold which is why it has decent surface detail. Most vacs are formed over a male mold and are devoid of any surface detail. The plastic is rather thin and will need to be reinforced throughout to produce a sturdy assembly.


I will proceed with my usual solid plastic keel to glue the fuselage sides to, but with an added  3d printed twist. I will also be adding 3d printed exhaust nozzle, wheel wells, weapons bay and cockpit. For the cockpit I will be adding an F-105 seat/pilot combo. The seats are similar with some differences that I will address.


There are a few more parts. The kit came with some metal main gear legs and a not so good ejection seat.


One of the challenges is that there are no available markings for any squadron that I may choose. So this will need to be solved.


Before I start any build I do internet research to see what others have done. Especially the exact kit that I am working on. With many searches I couldn't find any build log for this kit. In fact I could find no photos of this kit completed. Maybe I'm the first?


Anyway I hope to have this ready for the IPMS Nationals in Las Vegas in August. That is assuming that there is a convention. 




Ps. Brian, acres of white plastic......again.

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The 106 was a great looking jet! I remember seeing them fly! I built the Monogram 48th 

106 in the Montana ANG markings too. You'd see an A and a B model together at an 

airshow and they'd be spotless! I wish somebody would finish the Century series in 32nd

scale for us to build! 



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