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  1. I am already a participant but I have search my stash and her is what I have to donate: ‘Eduard set 32-683 BF-109F interior set color PE for Trumpeter Eduard set 32-344 F4U-1 Birdcage exterior set for Tamiya Star fighter decals 3204 F4F-4 Wildcats 3 separate donations
  2. What an interesting thread. I have taken to leaving mine displayed until the shelf is full or the kits have been sitting for 1 year, which ever comes first. I then trash them unceremoniously, as for me the hobby is the build and the display is a side effect that I do not enjoy nearly as much. All my old builds do is remind me of the past and my goal is to improve upon each one, so I have no attachment to them. What does that mean? Where do you put them, do you mean someplace out in the open at home? I am curious.
  3. Please add me as a participant and I will also look through my stuff to see what I have to donate
  4. I will give you my two cents, although I admit that it does not meet all your requirements. I use the iwata eclipse hp-cs. It is gravity fed, but it does not have the trigger you are used too. I find that is has reasonable control and is of high quality. I find it mostly easy to clean, although the area around the base of the cup can be a pain at times. I also paint 80mm figures with the airbrush, so it is good for detail work (.3 mm diameter nozzle). As far as price, I have seen a site advertise it for £121 in the UK. Also, I do not consider myself and expert, but it consistently produces good results.
  5. Does AMS still produce this set? It seems like it would be very helpful to producing a C model. I am excited to see you build this. This kit has been on my list for a while, but I am intimidated by all the stories I have heard about it.
  6. Hey Tim, I actually put in an order for the spitfire, but until this thread, I had no idea the company existed (I know of WNW). I had not realized a bunch of them moved to this company. If not for this thread I would have missed it. I guess, I just wonder that if I did not want to read this thread, I just well…. Wouldn’t…. I mean, I see lots of thread I do not want to read, so…. I don’t ;-) I am thankful for this specific thread.
  7. Isn’t it pretty simple to ignore a thread by not opening it…. Anyway, if not for this thread I would not have heard of the company.
  8. Hasn’t this been due for realest for something like 8 years? I hope it is a high quality trumpeter kit if it is actually going to be released. Some of their stuff is horrible, others are really good..
  9. Yours is looking great so far, but this seems like a poor kit for my first ZM kit….so, it is likely I cursed us all. I guess note to self, next time wait until others have purchased unless it is Tamiya or Hasegawa, maybe a short list of others.
  10. By the way, I have to say that you model is absolutely superb. I wish to be 1/4 the modeler that you are. It really is just amazing.
  11. Not to bury you with the red outline stuff, but, here is a site for a pacific wreck. https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/f4u/17804/1984/f4u-pillsbury-p18.html it is Pillsbury’s plane, found in 1984, but the star is red outlined. He was lost in November 1943. So, I guess this sort of throws the Navy regulations for insignias out the window. From what I have read, the red outlined stats and bars were June - Aug 1943. Of course when you are fighting changing the insignia may not be all that important. Anyway, I thought you would find it an interesting photo. it doesn’t help you with Hendrick’s plane, but I thought you might find it interesting.
  12. I already had the other 2-books but this cockpit companion book is absolutely fantastic!
  13. For the Hub color, one of the VF-17 books explains it. They painted each section with different color hubs. Blackburn’s 2 4-plane divisions were red. Hendrick’s 2 4-plane division was white (Blackburn T. The Jolly Rogers: The story of Tom Blackburn and Navy Fighting Squadron VF-17. 1989 Orion Press; page 41). ‘’with regards to the photo from Thomas, I saw that photo In color in the 70s, the markings are red outline (the photo actually looked orange, but we know they were never orange) That said, the red outline was only used for 3-months according to Navy Regis (which someone else mentioned). My understanding is that many units painted blue on the outline. So in photos it can be extremely difficult to see if they are red outline or just another shade of blue. That said, the book fighting seventeen: A Photographic History of VF-17 in WWII on pages 271 - 279, it breaks down each kill by each pilot. Hendrix’s last kill was on 18 Feb 1944, so if you use his entire scoreboard, he would have had all blue insignias, unless they did not follow USN regulations for insignia colors
  14. So, with regards to your scoreboard issue (or dilemma), when VF-17 left Bougainville for the last time, did they take their aircraft? If so, then the complete scoreboard would be there and so would the tail hook. I am not sure if they left their aircraft for other units to use either for parts or the complete aircraft, but that is a way for you to get to use everything and be accurate. As far as tires: Cook L.. Fighting 17: A photographic History of VF-17 in WWII. (2011) Schaffer Publishing. Page 173, 174, 133, 131 show VF-17 aircraft with treaded tires Cook L. The Aces of Fighting 17: VF-17 Top Guns in WWII (2011) Schaffer Publishing. page 78 shows a VF-17 aircraft with treaded tires Cook L. The Skull and Crossbones Squadron: VF-17 in WWII. (1998) Schaffer Publishing. Pages 82, 102, 100, 188 show VF-17 aircraft with treaded tires. at least 2 aircraft had the cross tread like your tires I think you are safe with the tires.
  15. If you tell me who to complain to, I am totally onboard. I would love a Hellcat, a P-47, and a P-38. I would have said an ME-109, but I got the new one out and it looks great.
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