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  1. Looks great. I am currently struggling with the wiring on mine... you did a great job in it.
  2. Some minor progress on the engine today. Still a long way to go on it. I opted for brass wire instead of the eduard photo etch, since the photo etch is flat and did not look right to me. Still moving slowly on it though.
  3. I love the Super Corsairs, I think they are one of the most beautiful planes ever. I just don’t have the skills to build one, even with the conversion kits.. someday maybe for me. In the meantime, I would totally follow your builds if you did that. Something fascinating about following a single pilot and building all of their aircraft.
  4. So I chose my pilot. It was not an easy debate, I really considered 3 pilots overall. While Kepford is my favorite pilot, since I was a child, he didn’t really meet my goal (he was only in VF-84 for training. Hedrick, “Chico” Freeman, and Cunningham were my debate and Cunningham was not in VF-84, so I chose him. He was also so short he couldn’t reach the rudder pedals of an F4U, and he liked hockey. I a, not very tall and I liked hockey, played for many years, so if figured I would choose him. I expected to be posting progress on the engine today, but I am under the weather so,
  5. When I first looked at the picture I did not notice the white, so I was totally sold that it was the picture of an actual cockpit. So much so, that I am using his thread for help in trying to detail my 1/32, obviously not to the skill that Jay has shown, but I hope maybe 20% of what Jay’s looks like. It really is amazing work to see.
  6. I hope you push through, without frustration; I am enjoying the thread and even started one of my own!
  7. So, this will be the first time I post my work on the forum or any for that matter. I am not the master modeler many of you are, but I am trying to get there and trying to learn. I have been in and out of the hobby since the 90’s; although I used to build a lot as a child and a teen. I was predominantly a 1/48 scale builder, but a few years ago I had built the Tamiya P-51, A6M2b, bird-cage Corsair, and a Trumpeter F4F-3 in 1/32, which I enjoyed, so I decided to switch scales. The p-51 and the Corsair had just come out the last time I built each of them, so it has been a few years (at least 7
  8. Based on my research, that is a carbon dioxide bottles used for getting landing gear down when the hydraulic system does not work. It is one time use per bottle.
  9. I actually thought about this as well, and you may very well be correct. That said... I have not seen anything written about this to confirm this, plus the fact that there are numerous photos of different late war hellcats with kill marks. Anyway, more of a curiosity question than anything else. Just begs the question as to why... there are reasons for everything :-)
  10. Yeah, I have been trying, but my searching for VF-84 records has turned up nothing. The other option is to select a different pilot, which is tempting, it is certainly a long term project, so I have a long while before I get to the F4U-1D. still, I find it really odd that there were no kill marks on most of the photos I see of late war Corsairs, even by pilots I know had kills... I thought maybe it was a navy reg, but there are late war F6Fs with kill marks on them... Maybe Dana Bell will see the post, he has done a ton of research and may have some idea.
  11. Question, I have noticed a lack of kill markings in photos of late war corsairs - on carriers. For example, VF-84 had a few aces as well as other pilots with at least 1 kill, and yet there are no kill marks (that I have seen in photos) on the aircraft. I would guess that this may have been up to the either the Commander of the Air Group or the ships captain? Does anyone know about this phenomenon? I have searched but I am finding nothing in writing. My initial search was and is to figure out which aircraft Ira Kepford was assigned in the squadron, for example, I know Roger Hendri
  12. I think someone said something like this before, but it is worth saying again, if not for the back ground in some of those photos, I would think they were of a real plane!
  13. I had an outside hope for you to do the 49th FIS, that is my favorite, based near where I grew up You are doing an outstanding job, I love to see it coming together. Such a beautiful plane and your craftsmanship is fantastic.
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