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1/32 Revell Me 262B-1/U1 Nachtjager


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11 hours ago, johnie hopper said:

For all Luftwaffe FuG 16 ZY radiostation application you can use this PR16 antene (just for checking size and shape):



Thanks Johnie!  I can play around with the shape of the loop some more.



9 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Good show, John.  The whip antennae is twisted wire.  Just sayin'.





Thanks Mark!  Yes but maybe the reduction due to scale makes wiring strands less visible.  That is how I am approaching it.





9 hours ago, Radub said:


Hi John, 

Maybe this can help a bit: 








Thanks Radu!  I understand how the skinny tabs are "supposed" to fit.  But the friction due to the width of the flaps prevents this orientation on some of them.  I'm just aiming for a uniform deflection for all four flaps and not overly concerned with maximum deflection.  I'm assuming that intermediate positions between fully open and fully shut are possible based on photographs.









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I can't help, that's a beautiful bird!


1 hour ago, Thunnus said:

... I'm assuming that intermediate positions between fully open and fully shut are possible based on photographs.

Of course it is possible on real plane, but as Radu will probably confirm, model is designed for fully deployed or fully pulled in flaps. Problem is the pin on the flaps sides. The position of those pins for half ejected flaps should be somewhere in the middle of the rail.

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Thanks guys! I'm still in the procrastination mode and filling the time with some of the final small details.  The loop antenna was redone to fine tune its shape and also so that it is oriented vertically when mounted at an angle.



The plastic radar array will be replaced with this Master brass Neptun upgrade.



Very easy to assemble.



Mounting to the narrow stalks on the plastic part was very dicey as it was very difficult to drill the necessary holes. I was barely able to manage it.



I'll shoot this with primer.  If the joint is too messy, I'll have consider re-doing the connection.


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Thanks guys!  I really appreciate the comments and the encouragement!


Still futzing around and being gun-shy about starting the painting on this build.  I still need to paint the wheels so I did that instead.  I'm using the resin replacements from Barracuda Studios, which come with some nice hydraulic line details for the main wheels.



I've painted the rubber portions first, with a mix of flat black, grey and brown to simulate worn rubber.  The color is progressively lightened as I travel from the wheels to the tread surfaces.



I scanned the wheels and made adhesive masks with the Silhouette Portrait.  I really LOVE having the Portrait... so useful!  The metal hubs are painted in black and then the wheels were given a gloss coat.



To highlight the tread, you can either go light and portray dirt/mud in the treads or go dark.  I'm going dark since I think this gives a better impression of an aircraft operating off tarmac, which may or may not be true of these jets.

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