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1/32 Revell Me 262B-1/U1 Nachtjager


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16 hours ago, MikeA said:

Really like that treatment of the underneath. I'm guessing it didn't have enough time to weather that much, but you've still got an interesting variation to the black. 


Thanks Mike!  Weathered black is tough to represent and I think I can do a better job next time.  I did restrain the weathering on this one since I am assuming that these nightfighers were sporting experimental schemes and may not have seen much service prior to capture.



15 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

It looks just killer. Real nice.


Thank you very much!



11 hours ago, IainM said:

That is splendid work indeed! You've really knocked this one out of the ball park! Nothing better than a night fighter!!
Some excellent pointers to follow when I start mine!!


Not finished yet but very close.  I am adding some paint chipping here and there as move closer to the finish line.



10 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

John, you are just too good.  You make the most sublime models.  Thank you for sharing.





Thanks Mark!  Another learning experience for me and a build in which many people contributed a lot of information and references.  I always appreciate the interaction and the forum to share my builds with such a great community.

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We are approaching the end of this build and I'm now doing the last details.  The weather in SoCal is wet right now so I'm not sure when I'll be able to take the model outside for the customary finished photos but modeling-wise, there is really not much else to do.


The loop antenna and the aerial mast have been added to the fuselage spine.  The masking for the early-style tail light has been removed.



On the bottom, a few antenna bits have been added and the weathering on the drop tanks has been finished.






Wing tip lights are glued into place using clear uv-activated epoxy.




The Master brass radar array is glued into place, one side at a time.  I needed a solid connection but also one that would give me time to make sure the array was properly aligned.  I chose to do this with Tamiya Extra Thin cement but I took the precaution of clearing the contact areas of paint using a fine paint brush dipped in isopropyl alchohol.



The addition of the radar effectively marks the end of the build.  There are still some things to do like rigging the aerial antenna but I want to take photos of the bottom before that.  I'm also going to hold off on removal of the canopy masks for the finished photos as well.




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SoCal weather.  Classic excuse. LOL.  But I get it.  This is another epic finish.  I notice "things" to come in another LSP post that could spell another epic Dora 9 broad tail JG-26 build looming soon?  Oh Yes!  Love all your efforts John.  Wk N. 500647 heck yes!     Shhhhhhhhhh. wont tell.  

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Thanks guys!  Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow or Sunday so I can do the glamor shots and we can finally see her without the canopy masks.  Otherwise, I'm just killing time adding small weathering touches like some streaking around the hatches on the wing tops...




But yes, Troy, the big-tail Dora is on my future build list.  I have the kit (two actually!) and most of the necessary aftermarket stuff so it is just a matter of putting this build behind me so I can jump back onto the D-13 and then begin another project.  I like to have two going at once.


I found a photo of 500647 that I've never seen before.  Shows the "4" on the gear doors more clearly than the other known photo shot from the same perspective.



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