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  1. Here is "my opinion" list (not complete): No 1 could be „Höhemesser“ – altmeter – for example Fl 22316 or Fl 22320 No 2 could be „Fahrtmesser“ – speedmeter – for example Fl 22237 – Fl 22245 No 3 could be „Ladedruckmesser“ – boost gauge – for example Fl 20554 or Fl 20555 No 4 is „Führertochterkompass“ – direction finder – for example Fl 23333 or Fl 23335 No 5 is "Variometer" - for example Fl 22385 or Fl 22386 No 6, 7 could be "Drehzahlanzeiger" - tachometer for example Fl 20266 or Fl 20269 No 10 could be "Temperaturanzeiger" - thermometer for example Fl 20342
  2. So when it was new it could look like this aluminized steel pipe.
  3. I would like to ask Radub or other experts, about your opinion of Jumo 004 B exhaust part colour. I have read somewhere, that there was used some special ceramic paint which was close to silver/white color. In other source I have read that it was made from mild-steel and then aluminised (how that colour looks like?). The true is that outlet cone look very light colored on most of original photos. Thanks
  4. I can't help, that's a beautiful bird! Of course it is possible on real plane, but as Radu will probably confirm, model is designed for fully deployed or fully pulled in flaps. Problem is the pin on the flaps sides. The position of those pins for half ejected flaps should be somewhere in the middle of the rail.
  5. For all Luftwaffe FuG 16 ZY radiostation application you can use this PR16 antene (just for checking size and shape):
  6. Or you can prepare some cardboard template with 50 - 55° (depends on source) to check the correct deployed position.
  7. I just thought, that understanding of mechanism could help with correct placing and positioning
  8. But how to get them into already glued/completed wings?
  9. Maybe these pics could help too to understand the kinematics. Btw I have to agree with John regarding Revell's guideline.
  10. I'm afraid, that it is impossible to find one point which should be used as for closed as for opened positions. As you are writing the kinematics of the movement has been much more complicated.
  11. Hope that not too late again :-( Me-262 radar versions has different type of construction of the front cone (using paywood) - probably not to shield radar rays. That's why you will not find any rivet on the top of this cone in any original pic and Red 8 and no opening on the sight (which is normally used for access to gun camera). I'm sorry that I always realise not before it is done
  12. Please, does anyone know Johnson&Johnson's European equivalent of mentioned floor polish?
  13. Next Revell's foiled part is "Panzer glas".Due to plastic material properties during cooling it changed to the totally deformed lens which makes looking through it totally unusual. Luckily sending and polishing on solid plane can change it into very usable one.
  14. You can easily add one more good looking hydraulic pipe (conecting left and right wing).
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