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  1. Maybe this image could also help. By my opinion, there's no reason for slats to stay closed while the plane stays calm on the ground. https://imgur.com/Vcgw3X5
  2. All parts are made according to real measurrements (as much as possible) and I can't guarantee that they will fit into every model.
  3. I'm sorry, but I still haven't any catchable result neither from Prague nor from US producer who I'm cooperating with. But I still believe ... :-)
  4. Is there any technology how to make cca 2,8 mm thick transparent armoured wind shield glass with a hem for Me 262 in 1/32? I'm thinking about sticking three (or five) plastic foils (then there could be visible inner wires). What kind of glue should be used, disperse, clear epoxy? Or any other idea? (3D clear print?)
  5. While waiting for some printing results/tries I made some parts specific for late/end war series and for Czechoslovakian Avia S/CS-92. The Main Wheel leg with the scissors on both sides. I don't know if i should print only scissors or the legs too. And also if create and print a pressure hose (just the part fixed to the leg) or let it to modeller's hand. https://johniehopper.rajce.idnes.cz/Me-262_3D#Mainwheelleg.jpg https://johniehopper.rajce.idnes.cz/Me-262_3D#Scissors.jpg (Sorry, flickr is temporarily out...)
  6. That's why I started my project to see what are the possibilities of the newest and the most modern 3D printing technology, hoping that outputs will be detailed enough and acceptable for modellers.
  7. I can't say more than we are still waiting for test print results (maybe during few next days could some appear).
  8. Some progress and adjusting in Me-262 B1/U1 inner fuselage devices (few photos appeared - new to me), but still a lot of queries :-(
  9. Something blue for monday:-)
  10. I've also prepared few K22 komponents from right wheel well and two basic versions of Gerätebank with an UV lamp for nightfighter version. Again, excuse some simplifications please.
  11. Hello, based on available photos of Me 262 B1a/U1 fuselage interior I've tried to make model of FuG217(218) devices placed on fuselage partition. Could anyone help me to arrange it better or give an advice what more to add? Thank you for any help.
  12. Here's my first attempt for Me 262 B1/U1 Nightfighter inner fuselage board. That's the logitudinally placed one with FuG16ZY, FuG120, FuG25 and FuG125 devices. The second board (placed transversaly) will be bigger stumper :-(. I have only few photos of its left side but none of the whole board or of the right side :-(. What more, there were placed FuG218 devices (Sender, Empfänger, Sichtgerät and may be others) for which I don't have exact dimensions :-(
  13. Some progress.. I can try how the holder will look made from plastic (3D printed), but by the best I think it would be made from PE. I could share unfurled casing drawing to some producer. In the end it should look like this:
  14. So I have put corresponding devices on boards and you can see the result as inner fuselage boards for Me 262 A1-2/U1 The boards are "modelized" a bit to be more printable. J.H.
  15. So here is very last piece(s) of front seat cockpit (switches correspond to A1/A2 version). https://johniehopper.rajce.idnes.cz/Me-262_3D#41.jpg https://johniehopper.rajce.idnes.cz/Me-262_3D#42.jpg Have a nice weekend
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