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1/32 Revell Me 262B-1/U1 Nachtjager


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4 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Is there a reason for pastel washes in comparison to enamel or acrylic washes? Is it just a simplicity thing, or is there a reason for using chalks?


Chalk powder (fine pigments) and water is pretty much the makeup of watercolors.

They perform like oil and paint washes except they're less expensive, easy to remove

and always easy to come by. I've been using artist's watercolors for years and have

asked others why they insist on oil or paint washes over watercolors. I've yet to hear

a reason other than personal preference (which is fine).   :shrug:

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Thanks for checking in guys!  Compared to the prior steps, especially the sculpting required around the nose, the painting portion just flew by, didn't it?


The flat coat has been applied to the Nachtjager.  I've been using Model Master Acryl Flat after trying many different clear flat products.  It's not perfect but a dependable flat coat can be difficult to find.  You may notice the very light post-shading that was performed.  A VERY thin mix of black/brown is sprayed along joints and panel lines.  I like this to be BARELY noticeable.







The bottom was given a flat coat too.  Post-shading was done using a light tan color and instead of running along panel lines, I used it to create random streaks, front to back.



I decided to install the landing gear at this point.  The last bits of hydraulic lines in the wells have finally been connected.






I'm going to let the landing gear cure overnight.  I want them solid before attaching the wheels.

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Thanks guys, I truly appreciate the positive feedback!  Now that the landing gear legs have been solidly glued into place, I can check to see if I've added enough weight to the nose to keep the model from tail-sitting... looks ok, thankfully!

It's probably easier to mount the landing gear doors without the wheels in the way so that's what I've done next.





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12 hours ago, reserve_22 said:

Hi John I think too late but front wheel leg was in RLM66 .Photos show that because its too dark .


Yes, possibly and yes, too late for me to change!  Can't catch everything unfortunately!

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The glue securing the landing gear legs have been given a couple of days to cure so I can now put the wheels on.  Since I have sanded flat spots on the tires to depict weight compressing the rubber, I have to make sure that the tires are rotated to put the flat spots in the right position.  A quick-setting two-part epoxy such as JB Kwik Weld works well for situations like this as they give me a 2-5 minutes to make adjustments before the glue starts to harden.



Mixing equal parts of the light and dark colored components yields a dark brown goop with the consistency of toothpaste.



With the wheels attached with JB Kwik Weld, I alternate the model between the jig and a flat tabletop to ensure that the tires' flat spots are in the right place.





And now the model can sit on its own legs for the first time!



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