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  1. Hello. Will Follow this one as I have the same kit in my stash. Cheers, Jamme
  2. Hi. Beautiful precision job. Cheers, Jamme
  3. Hello. Terrific job on the wheels. Cheers, Jamme
  4. Hi John. Really nice ! Cheers, Jamme
  5. Hi John. Beautiful Job ! Cheers, Jamme
  6. Hi Kirby. Great job you're doing here. Love it. Cheers, Jamme
  7. HEllo. Great job you did on the barrels. Cheers, Jamme
  8. Hello Chuck. I missed the start of your topic. Will follow your progress. I take a seat. Cheers, Jamme
  9. Hello. Really nice job ! That cockpit looks really great. Cheers, Jamme
  10. Hi Chuck. Really nice job. I will copy your fantastic job when doing mine ( If I may!) Not exactly same kit as yours. Mine is ref Nr 32070. Cheers, Jamme
  11. Hi. No, as I have to build the kit yet. But I remember earring and seeing the builded kit in Nurnberg, at the toy fair, many years ago........ It was tremendous. Cheers, Jamme
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