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  1. Fantastic build. I just started a MFH Ferrari 250 GTO '64 in 1/12. What you say is right. You have to be very precise. Cheers, Jamme
  2. Wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!! That's incredible, Mark! Congrats, Jamme
  3. Long time I didn't come to LSP... Whaowwwwwwww. Logic that's an incredible build ! Congrats, Jamme
  4. Hi Mal. I have a question: "....also anew tool to do rivets," Is it in the road box in your pic? Can you tell me the name of the brand and where you did get it? Thank you very much for the answer. Cheers, Jamme
  5. Beautiful job ! Congrats, Jamme
  6. Fantastic job, Mal. As always, should I say..... Congrats, Jamme
  7. Wow Brian. Completely missed this one. Fantastic, I like it very much. Cheers, Jamme
  8. Great job, Kevin. Congrats, Jamme
  9. Beautiful job as always Loic. congrats, Jamme
  10. Beautiful job. I like the subtle weathering very much. Congrats, Jamme
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