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This is a cool looking airplane, although it never made production or even a prototype was ever built, i fell in love because is something new and different , this is the first model produced by a new manufacturer, DAS WERK , and the wood texture decals were made exclusively for it by uschi van der rosten.

When you compared to a P-51D, this was i really small airplane as you can see in the last picture. i call it the ancestor or the grandpa of the A-10 by the position of the pulse jet engines and the twin rudder




















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On 10/23/2020 at 8:43 AM, Neo said:

Wow amazing job, i almost bouth one of these not too long ago, really interesting subject. 


I really really love your paint job, what metalics did you use ? 

i used alclad 2 metallic colors, dark aluminum, airframe aluminum, over the alclad i rubbed SNJ metallic powder to make it look like real metal and fot the finish i used satin clear coat from MRP paints

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