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  1. Nice new project Chck, i never get bored with you work and photos of the step by step, always keep following your works, i hope this Special hobby kit will be better than the ones i tried to build, never finished one because of terrible fitting issues, looks like this one is better than the other ones, will keep looking on the progress of this one Jorge
  2. Thanks Kev, its being a long time without doing something bigger than 1/48, but i am a big fan of the black hawk helicopter family, so you will see much more of it, as i am planning to buy all the Kitty Hawk releases of this chopper Jorge
  3. thanks Chuck, but nothing compares to your work as well as you photographic log of your work Jorge
  4. nothing much to say, i am still on the process of paint, worked on the tail boom left side, kind of like the finish so far, the nose is with the base coat, no weathering yet, and i added the sub parts so i can get a general look of what is done so far
  5. Pete, yes the black is a nightmare to work with, for the first time i am using oils to do the tonal variations on the black is the only way i found to get i nice looking black finish
  6. I have been playing with some parts of the MH-60L that can be painted away from the model to get the touch of the black before i proceed with the fuselage, and also preparing the fuselage for the final coat of color
  7. it is not gray, in the pictures looks like gray but in person it is like a light greenish and brown color for the faces of the instruments i used decals form Airscale decals
  8. Now starts, the nightmare, working with the color black, it is not easy to get a nice look, and even worse is to photograph it, but to me it looks ok, i did some test on the tail, and at the second attempt i think a got it right
  9. fuselage is close, and i replaced the tail rotor transmission ventilation grill, and added texture to the walkways on top of the engines
  10. Hello everyone, i am starting this post with some parts of the build already done, this will be a OOB build, i will add just a few wires here and there, here is how the interior looks before the fuselage was close
  11. I never did a build post on these, right now i am working on a new DAP with the Kitty Hawk model, i used NATO black as the base color, and from there i lightened or darkened the base color
  12. The rotor drops comes molded in the blades already, nice detail from KH
  13. I know Tim i already pre ordered one, and yesterday bought the L to do it as the 160th DAP, i need to update the one already have done 6 years ago from the Academy kit Jorge
  14. Troy, thanks for your words, love the black hawk family in all the color we have seen them, but for me, the only army hawk i will do will be the black 160th DAP or SOAR those are a mean machines, next on the list of "to do" at the moment will be the knighthawk and the seahawk, when someone release a conversion kit for the new SOAR then it will be in my "to do" list, don't get me wrong but i don't find the helo drab hawks very atractive Tim , i will not be doing a dio with this helo, i am not a Dio guy
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