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  1. The rotor drops comes molded in the blades already, nice detail from KH
  2. I know Tim i already pre ordered one, and yesterday bought the L to do it as the 160th DAP, i need to update the one already have done 6 years ago from the Academy kit Jorge
  3. Troy, thanks for your words, love the black hawk family in all the color we have seen them, but for me, the only army hawk i will do will be the black 160th DAP or SOAR those are a mean machines, next on the list of "to do" at the moment will be the knighthawk and the seahawk, when someone release a conversion kit for the new SOAR then it will be in my "to do" list, don't get me wrong but i don't find the helo drab hawks very atractive Tim , i will not be doing a dio with this helo, i am not a Dio guy
  4. thanks guys, it is a simple work, just out of the box, added some cables on the outside, i know it is not a nut job like the other one being done in the forum
  5. i need to clean the greasy finger print on the windshield, that is the problem of closeup pictures
  6. Here it is, finally i finished this kit, so far the best HH-60G kit in the market, figures are from Live Resin
  7. Hi Matt, i used Twobobs decal for this kit Jorge
  8. Thanks Jake, yes you are right, on the next one i am correcting all the mistakes, but this one will have to live with the mistakes
  9. So here is the second representative of the collection , USAF F-16 in splinter camo, next in line on the table will be Alaska splinter Jorge Oppenheimer
  10. Hi everyone, long time with out posting here , after loosing all my aggressors and adversaries in a display case accident , i decided to renew my collection so here is the first addition to this series of aircraft. Jorge Oppenheimer
  11. Hi Ski, yes it was a PITA that windshield/fuselage join, but with some patience i good a good fitting, the new KH little bird is on my to do list, right now i am focused on my favorite scale 1/48, i am waiting for some AM stuff to come out before i start a new little bird Jorge
  12. i didn't think that an rare model will like that much, thanks for letting me know Ron. Probably when i get home i will do some new pictures with a lighter background. Jorge
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