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  1. WOW - what a stunner - superb build and finish!
  2. WOW - stunning collection!
  3. Lovely collection - nice to see such a diverse collection.
  4. Lovely to see one of these old kits - I have fond memories of those old Revell kits - especially the FAA Corsair, Don Gentile's Mustang and the Galland 109 - never got around to building a twin.
  5. Excellent work, Miloslav - most impressive model - great mottle camouflage. Terrific way to finish the year!
  6. Lovely work and great pix - simply an astonishing aircraft.
  7. Lovely work, great scheme - have to love those late war slap dash efforts - vain attempt to stem the incoming tide.
  8. top notch - stunning paintwork and finish - great pix too!
  9. Lovely work, Nick - my favourite F-104G scheme - great finish and pix. Great to see those huge Komoran missiles!
  10. Lovely work - and ditto on the great images.
  11. Terrific job Thomas, that winter wash is spectacular!
  12. Lovely work - great details - great set of pictures. Such an elegant aircraft. and thanks for sharing.
  13. Lovely work - brings "The Right Stuff" back to my mind - impressive to see it parked next to the X-15. Curious as to how the British effort with Eric Brown and the Miles M.52 would have shaped up had that project not been untimely cancelled.
  14. Nice build Thomas - interesting machine. Now you can try one of the early "V" machines in its odd bare metal finish that was captured and parted in Moscow.....
  15. Lovely work - great model and pix - always wanted to build a Swiss version - really sad when they were disposed of so unceremoniously!
  16. Exquisite - way cool model -almost kinda steampunk inspired V-1¨ Superb work and great pix - congrats.
  17. Looks very much like the Hurricane parked at the National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg......
  18. Lovely work - look forward to seeing more - always liked the Gladiator - .... memories of building the very old 1/72 Matchbox kit.....
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