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  1. SinuheH

    A tale of two 109's: Swiss and Croat

    Thanks for the recent likes. Unfortunately I have a serious health issue and have put these builds on hold.
  2. SinuheH

    HK Meteor F.4 in Canadian markings.

    Really nice build - congrats on a fine silver finish.
  3. SinuheH

    HK b25

    Well done!
  4. SinuheH

    Focke-Wulf Fw190 A-5 Priller

    Nice work!
  5. SinuheH

    WNW DH9 The Lobster

    Lovely work, Dr. Dave - magnificent finish. Your models should be displayed in a museum!
  6. SinuheH

    Review: Italeri 2505: 1/32 Mirage IIIC

    Aftermarket decals are a must - those SAAF castles really need to be replaced - and as Matterhorn previously did a Swiss "C" in 48......a 32nd scale sheet should not be long in waiting.
  7. Nice work, although I will agree with Kevin that the pre-shading is bit too prominent. That - however - should not detract from a wonderful model! Congratulatione!
  8. SinuheH

    The Seventh Stormbird

    Excellent work and model, Chris. Way to go....!
  9. SinuheH

    Fly Hurricane

    There were silver dope trainers in Rhodesia.
  10. SinuheH

    TA 152 PCM whatif

    That looks really really nice!
  11. Nice work, Nico, that is one fine looking 109..... Serious - great Spitfire - nice scheme and completion.
  12. SinuheH

    1/32 Avia S-199 Israeli

    Hey, that looks great - congrats - really inspirational - nice to see something so different.
  13. SinuheH

    Pacific Coast Models Spitfire XIVc

    Ditto, nice work - great looking Griffon Spit.
  14. SinuheH

    OV10-A Bronco

    Lovely model Angelo! Always liked the Bronco - striking air show performer. Congrats.