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  1. Thanks for the recent likes. Unfortunately I have a serious health issue and have put these builds on hold.
  2. Really nice build - congrats on a fine silver finish.
  3. Lovely work, Dr. Dave - magnificent finish. Your models should be displayed in a museum!
  4. Aftermarket decals are a must - those SAAF castles really need to be replaced - and as Matterhorn previously did a Swiss "C" in 48......a 32nd scale sheet should not be long in waiting.
  5. Nice work, although I will agree with Kevin that the pre-shading is bit too prominent. That - however - should not detract from a wonderful model! Congratulatione!
  6. There were silver dope trainers in Rhodesia.
  7. That looks really really nice!
  8. Nice work, Nico, that is one fine looking 109..... Serious - great Spitfire - nice scheme and completion.
  9. Hey, that looks great - congrats - really inspirational - nice to see something so different.
  10. Ditto, nice work - great looking Griffon Spit.
  11. Lovely model Angelo! Always liked the Bronco - striking air show performer. Congrats.
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