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  1. Thanks Greg - a picture indeed says a thousand words! I would have expected them to follow the same scheme as on the Mirage F1CZ in its air superiority scheme - or perhaps its just that I have such fond memories of visiting 3 Sqn SAAF after the Lanseria air show at that time.
  2. Nice work, Malcolm - odd to see those high vis castles on an otherwise muted airframe - look forward to seeing more.
  3. Malcolm - great to see you've taken the plunge and decide to share your work with us on LSP! Great to see some excellent SAAF builds in progress - thanks guys. Now if somebody could tackle a KH Harvard.....
  4. This is going to be a great thread to follow..... keep up the excellent work!
  5. Super impressive! Congrats on a stunning model.
  6. Pics are here today - were missing yesterday - traffic related? Superb model BTW!!!!
  7. Nice work - have a soft spot for these captured Zero's!
  8. Superb diorama on a most interesting topic - reminds me to finally get down and read "The washing of the spears".
  9. Excellent build, like the fine details in cockpit and engine. Congrats!
  10. Excellent job on a really ancient kit.
  11. Looks great to me - glad you stuck with it and turned out this lovely model - congrats!
  12. Stunning model - congrats on a fine build.
  13. Lovely work Thomas - very impressive model - great choice of markings!
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