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  1. So the cobra is standing now on his legs, the main windshield is on, the door will be the last , decals are on. The kit is excellent, what i dislike are the decals, they are like the new eduard decals, that when they dried you have to peel the carrier film, this is a disaster with the small data stencils, most of them will come off with the carrier film i did some small chipping on the skids and wing leading edges
  2. The cobra now have some personality, mos of the paint job on the fuselage is done, next will come the other parts and the rest of the decals
  3. all is airbrushed, after i cover the base coat i add more spot with the scotch brite sponge and the airbrush till a get the desired effect, is a process of building layers of cromatic tones till you get the weathered look that you are looking for
  4. So far a have finished the front and middle section of the cobra, and i am happy with the results of the weathered paint
  5. blending everything with the final color, looks good to me, opinions welcome as always
  6. here i am again, let see how this experiment will work at the end, differents shades of green as a base coat some white and black splashed to simulate faded and weathered paint at the end
  7. Hello everyone, i know in this forum people goes crazy for airplanes in large scales but i go crazy for helicopters in 1/32 or 1/35, so i will post this work. So far the cockpit is done, the only after market used is the instrument panels from quinta studio, the rest of the resin and 3D printed pieces came in the box here is the box of this kit the cockpit so far the fuselage fitting is excellent, so far not a single drop of filler putty on this one
  8. looks great this will be my next kit on the bench , did you use the colors that are in the instructions for the camo?, the colors they ask for looks are to light for me, they dont match at all to the RAF colors
  9. I just received mine, it will be the next on the working line, i will keep a good look at this one
  10. thank you all for your kind words on my models
  11. finished 4 years ago but never had the chance to take photos of the two together , both models are form tamiya in 1/32 scale, just used decals for the small data, the rest is all airbrushed,
  12. i post my 1:48 model on my FB page normally, i use this forum for my 1:32 planes and 1:35 choppers only
  13. I just used Red Fox panels on my F-4C, they are great and gives life to the cockpit 100%, quinta studio is taking too long to release the 1/32 version of the F-4C my pit with aires ejection seats
  14. Thank you all for your kind words on my Phantom, for now i am returning to my favorite scale 1/48, till next time when i find something in 1/32 that catch my eye Jorge
  15. Hello gentlemen , so after 2 months of work i can call this job DONE, here is a list of the items used for this model Tamiya 1/32 F-4C Quickboost air intake covers (so i dont have to blow my brains on fixing the horrible inside of the air intake) Stencil data painting templates Speed Hunter Graphics big phantoms data and stencil decals Def model resin wheels Maste models probe set Aires Cockpit Cam decals Bicentennial phantom Wolfpack nozzles red fox intrument 3D resin instrument panels as always all type of critics are welcome
  16. I can call this job DONE, you can see pictures on the other side of this forum, i hope you like it Jorge
  17. i think i am ready to start the decaling process, here is a general look of how it looks at this moment i tested some of the decals on one side of the tail, and they look great, and added the two probes on the tail fin the cockpit starts to look bussy, seats will go in at the last moment
  18. normally i post pictures of my completed models, but with this i dont know what happened
  19. Camouflage on the F-4 is ready, next step is to finish the bottom of it, looks like the hole bottle of MRP paint will be used on the bottom, here are a few pictures of how it looks at the moment
  20. little more progress, had to fix the camo pattern on the nose to match the pattern on the real one and add the brown spot on the fuselage on top of the wing on the left side next to the trailing edge of the wing Left wing is ready, now is the right one turn
  21. The fuselage camo is done, as i said previously this is an airshow Phantom with a bicentennial theme on it, so they normally are in pristine conditions, i am just adding some tonal variation to the colors so it wont look simple, it gives to a look of a slightly weathered paint or kind of dirty look Next is the wing camo and after that all the paneling work, so far none of the panel or rivets have a wash on
  22. what i normally use for a fast cleanup of the airbrush is a can of Carburator cleaner,it is high pressure and clean any type of paint, even Mr surfacer, and for a deep cleaning i use tamiya airbrush cleaner
  23. Small update on the centennial, fuselage closed, wings on, now it looks like a real F-4. Corrected the angle on the wingtips by adding a stripe of plastic to correct it from 25 to 12.5 The cockpit looks realli good in place, it looks like a bussy cockpit for this scale, now it is time for a serious session of airbrush work
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