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  1. Hi Matt, i used Twobobs decal for this kit Jorge
  2. Thanks Jake, yes you are right, on the next one i am correcting all the mistakes, but this one will have to live with the mistakes
  3. So here is the second representative of the collection , USAF F-16 in splinter camo, next in line on the table will be Alaska splinter Jorge Oppenheimer
  4. Hi everyone, long time with out posting here , after loosing all my aggressors and adversaries in a display case accident , i decided to renew my collection so here is the first addition to this series of aircraft. Jorge Oppenheimer
  5. Hi Ski, yes it was a PITA that windshield/fuselage join, but with some patience i good a good fitting, the new KH little bird is on my to do list, right now i am focused on my favorite scale 1/48, i am waiting for some AM stuff to come out before i start a new little bird Jorge
  6. i didn't think that an rare model will like that much, thanks for letting me know Ron. Probably when i get home i will do some new pictures with a lighter background. Jorge
  7. The trick on the metal finish is simple if you can find the product, is metal powder, the one i have is from the long gone SNJ metal powders, still have some in my paint drawer, and i keep it as it was gold. I know there are some other metal powder around, dont know if they work as well as SNJ,s one. Jorge
  8. thanks for the kind words Richard,it took me almost 3 months to built it, for me that was not that fast. Jorge
  9. Karim, i found the conversion set on a page in facebook that took me to Resin 2 Details page where i bought the set, yes it came out in June, Jorge
  10. To all of you, thanks for the kind words about this rare mustang, i have to thank Resin 2 detail for making this conversion, since 1980 that i saw the picture of the first prototype i was dreaming of build one , and finally my wish came true Jorge
  11. Hello everyone, finally done, the base kit for this modification is Tamiya's P-51D in 1/32 scale with the resin conversion from Resin2detail.com
  12. Thanks Guys, Peter long time , this is my return to the hobby after several month , to much work on the new job and the situation in my country is not the best for the modeling mood, but i had to do some modeling to get away from all this mess. i am surprised too on how it turned out, my main concern was that the union or resin and plastic parts would be noticed just like the sanding scratches when the alclad was applied, as you know alclad tends to multiply all the imperfections. Well, after sanding all the bonding places with four different types of sand paper and at the end polishing it with the dremel tool, not a single scratch is visible as well as the bonding places. at the end i will take closeups pictures of the bonding places so you can see how smooth it turned out. Jorge
  13. main paint stage done, mayor alclad job is done, after 3 hole days fighting with it finally is done, next step will be paneling and tail number on the side of the fuselage.
  14. Thanks Joel, i preffer to do one panel at a time, by doing this i avoid that the second coat of alclad will peel off when i remove the masking tape, and some alclad color will loose the shine over a first base coat. Jorge
  15. meanwhile while i let the airplane rest till is dry, i foud that i need modern look tires, and for the mustang you will find only WW2 era tires, so i bought a pair from Baracuda resin and filled all the lines i dont need on the tires and this is the result, not bad
  16. Small update, hole airplane primed in Model master gloss black.
  17. Chuck, some day you should try Mr paint, i know they are acrylic but is amazing the finish , and they bite pretty good on the bare plastic, i switched to that paint, i am not using any more MM paints, the good thing about it is that you get a really smooth finish and is a satin finish, so you dont need to apply a gloss coat for decals , also you can work the weathering product directly without any gloss coat at all. Jorge
  18. after reducing the sides with sand paper i got perfect fit, and i opened a little the bottom of the fuselage to reduce the difference in wide of both pieces and still got enough space for the wing to fit.
  19. I am moving to the next area, the nose plug, first i drilled the center section of the nose plug to reduce the weight of it The fiiting of the nose was quite simple and forward, very nice fitting and simple work of filling to remove the joint of the plastic and resin
  20. Some update, started to fit the flat resin belly plug to eliminate the radiator inlet, the fiiting of this piece was not the best, the resin plug was warped and the resin didnt went all the way in the mold, as you can see in the picture how the fitting was, had to cut the plug in order to make it fit the fuselage better after lots or sanding and filling i managed to finish this firs modification. Also i removed the vertical stab end so i can place the plug for the longer vertical tail Next step will be the hardest one, try to mate the resin nose with the kit fuselage , i will keep you guys up to date later
  21. Hi Joel, long time after the las time we spoke, i will do my best on matting the resin and the plastic, i love this airplane since i saw it the first time in pictures 15 years ago, and when i saw this kit i told my self i must have it.
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