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1/18 Hawker Fury

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thank you so much everyone - I want you to know you are why I got better at modelling - thats what a WIP on here does for you :)


On 4/2/2021 at 11:41 PM, chuck540z3 said:

As usual I smile when I see every one of your updates, because everything is so, so good as usual.  The other reason I smile is that I had a lot encouragement to use foil on my Starfighter build to get a more realistic metallic finish (easy for them to say!), but I always pushed back because I have never seen a foiled model that truly looks good when you look at them close up.  When I do make this statement, I have to point out that this opinion is for all mortal modelers like me, and not our own Peter Castle!  :P


Cheers Peter, you are the best.



Ha - I agree Chuck - foil is soo hard to get right, I have never managed it - I think the sheet metal I use is easier to work with if that makes sense, foil is way too fragile and creases way too easily



13 hours ago, R Palimaka said:


What's more is how generous and kind you are with your time and responses to questions, and your refreshing humility and ability to laugh at yourself. Each post is like a part-works suspense novel. Exciting to open, and then there is the anticipation of the next chapter...well, except no one dies. :)





That really made me warm inside Richard, thank you, what a kind thing to say :)


well, here is the next chapter..


..this is the nose panel I have been secretly dreading...


one, it has to fit with other panels on 3 sides, two it is full of raised rivets despite being curved and needing burnishing into shape, and three - last bu not least, look at those perfect little oval apertures for each exhaust pipe...






..the first thing to tackle was the ovals - here a suitable brass template was taped over a perfect scale drawing that fits my 3D exhausts and a pin in a pin vise (what else?) used to go round and around until the oval pops out - each row took about 45 mins...




..with those done, other openings were added and a tape template from the model is applied to get some of the borders, plus the panel was polished before anything else..




..then all the raised rivets were applied and the panel gently shaped to fit at the edges - once a good fit on all the straight edges was achieved the panel was annealed so I could start to gently burnish it to get the imprint of the lower curved edge..


..at this point I have about 4 hours in this one panel..




..making the other side - I goofed and over heated a panel when annealing it - it's all distrorted around the ovals - this was a write off of many hours work and the language was most anglo saxon..




..after a good couple of days work they are done..


..they still need all the dzus fasteners which are coming in some PE bits i made for the radiator next week and some rivets, but I am vary happy with how they came out..


..its just resting on the U/C legs - they are not at all at the right angle, but you get the picture..














..still more details around the nose and a last panel to go, then it will be moving on to the big under fuselage radiator..



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You will never need some prefabricated plastic core for one of your models anymore, Peter. To correct and modify one of these is probably more time consuming than building your subject completely from scratch, as you have demonstrated here; and considering the pace of your progress with the Fury.


You are the perfect model whiz now, anything you want to build within your grasp ... :beer:

Congrats  ;-))



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afternoon :)


On 4/5/2021 at 9:40 AM, RLWP said:

I have a question about that panel, Peter. Was the dread of making it worse than actually making the panel?




Hi Richard - no it was fine, fun actually, but it needed a lot of pre-planning. Glad it's done now :)



On 4/5/2021 at 9:33 PM, KUROK said:

Sublime work!

I was wondering, do those metal panels keep their shine or do they oxidize quickly?


Good question - I don't think they do - my Spit is coming on to 4 years old and the panels on that while not as highly polished as these look the same as the day it went in the cabinet :)


just a couple of bits done today..


this intake sits each side of the fuselage - I had already built a recess in the fuselage to house them and cut holes in the panel where they go, so next up was making them.




I started with a perspex buck and spent a few goes trying to skin it - that was an epic fail as it's juts too compound to get right..


in the end I used my little proxxon milling machine to mill some Ali rod into a blank I could then mill out the end intake - it cost me three tiny milling bits as I am such a noob, but did the job in the end..




..then they were simply CA'd in place..






..next were these teardrop blisters on the upper nose..




..again a perspex buck was skinned and they were applied - I also did the very last nose panel behind the spinner to complete the nose skinning..


..all it needs now are the dzus fasteners and a few more rivets








..and yes, one of the exhaust stubs broke a bit - that is going to be a difficult repair at some point..




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