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F-35A 13-5081 AFB Hill

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Hello gentlemans. Model represent plane from AFB Hill nr: 13-5081. It was only one with some light weathering, when I build it.... 

Kit Italeri

Eduard PE sets

Lot of scratchbuild and wiring (wheel bays, bombbays), added many surface details.

Wheels True detail...

Amraams Eduard brassin.

Paiting masks by DN-Models.

Decals: Furball


I made my own exhaust nozzle od 3D printer, because all of aftermarket set was small.... 


Thank you for watching. 

Have a nice day.


Jan :-)








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Absolutely fantastic rendition, one thing I've noticed about the F-35, is that the colour can change regards light to dark, I very much like the route you've taken, and thanks once again for producing all those wonderful resin goodies for the kit. 


Belated happy birthday too! 

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Interesting metal shine visible here and there. Great looks, although the plane by itself is kinda...meh.
The model you built is stunning though.
I keep pumping the idea into F's are my F'avs' head to build one of these, with all the movable parts that he scratches. No success so far.

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