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  1. MRP-003, MRP-008, MRP-009, MRP-146, MRP-147, MRP-148
  2. MRP-385 Willow green. FS14187/ANA503
  3. Thank you very much gentlemen
  4. Hi Zola Marking - stripes are sprayed according to historical photographs. I didn't find the stripes decals. Decal "Stinger VII" is in the kit P-51D/K Tamiya.
  5. Hi everyone, here is my finished P-51D Mustang. P-51D Mustang "Stinger VII", 45.FS,15.FG, Maj. Robert W. Moore, Iwo Jima, June 1945 Tamiya 1/32 scale Wheels Barracuda HGW seat belts and dinghy Eduard instrument panel All colours MRP. Photo: my friend Miloslav - Thank you.
  6. I appreciate your comments. Thank you all. It is the first aircraft on such a scale but im already working on another. WIP: 1/32 P-51D "Stinger VII" and 1/32 Spitfire Mk.VIII "Lonesome Polecat" USAAF
  7. Thank you To Wackyracer Tractor is Fordson N-big 1/35 - for company PLUSMODEL (complete resin kit)
  8. Hi everybody I´m a new member and I´m from Czech Republic. Thank you for joining the LSP group and here is my first 1/32 scale model. Spitfire Mk.XVIe - WO Murray Lind, No.485 squadron, Fassberg, Germany 1945 HGW WET TRANSFER Wheels: Barracuda Paints: MRP and Gunze Cockpit´s door: Quickboost Mask: homemade Photos my friend Miloslav - thank you.
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