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  1. Great result... congratulation...
  2. I have Italeri Mirage III on the bench, but unfortunately, I have to stop my Israeli aircraft production link for a while because I am going to the US for two years. I added more pictures from the bottom to the gallery. They were lost somewhere in the cyber-space...:)
  3. Thank you guys for all your positive comments. Your feedback is the best reason for me to open another large scale box.
  4. Hi, so another Israeli bird is out. It is an F-4E Kurnass 2000 number 650 from the Bat SQN, Tayeset 119. The F-4E kit from Tamiya is used as a basis. The building was quite comfortable, I did not encounter any major problems. I used the cockpit from Avionix, of course, supplemented with a modification of the Kurnass 2000 version, MFDs, few switches, and a new HUD were added. I also used the seamless intakes from RealModel and thanks to Miro Medzihradsky for the dimensionally accurate engine nozzles. The refueling probe and part of the decals from Isracast are complemented by Hebrew stencils from Skys Decals. The armor plates in the lower part are cut out with a plotter, the central fuel tank is from the F-4J kit modified to the IAF standard. What bothered me the most was the slatted wing, but I think that the result revived the model. The AGM-142 with a pod are from the F-16I kit, but it was necessary to enlarge the pylons because they were specially adapted for these missiles and I also redesigned the guidance part of the missiles. The outer pylon for AN/ASW-55 is from RealModel. The AN/ALQ-184 (short) ECM s from AMS Resin and the adapter for ECM and reduction for the Sidewinder to the AIM-7 shaft are homemade. The whole model is rescribed and riveting according to available materials. The wheels and arresting hook are produced by Eduard. MRP colors and Ammo Of Mig washes were used on the surface. The sources are from Isracast and Double Ugly Books. Thanks for all comments. Added pictures:
  5. One of the best Falcons in the scale I have ever seen, stunning...
  6. Excellent, I admire your pace of work..
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