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  1. I made the masks myself, I like such work.
  2. This time the model Su-27 Flanker UAF Trumpeter 1:32 The model in Didgital camouflage of the Ukrainian Air Force about the model itself I think it makes no sense to write too much is not the best model but there is also no alternative in 1:32 scale I will try to add more photos in the near future, unfortunately I have technical problems with the memory card.
  3. A-7D Corsair II 120th, Colorado ANG. Model trębacza 1:32 Malowany Hataka Hobby Red. A-7D Corsair II Trębacz 1:32
  4. This time I chose a camouflage that is not very common. Su-25 Frogfoot IAF Trumpeter 1:32. I hope you will like this painting.
  5. Thanks, decals made -Pro Decals from Greece
  6. One of my favorite topics. F-4E Phantom II Hellenic Air Force Tamiya 1:32 At the begining 1:1 F-4E Phantom II HAF Tamiya 1:32
  7. MiG-29GT in Poland with the designation UB Fulcrum Trumpeter 1:32 The model in the MiG-29 in the two-seat version is not often presented on modeling forums. However, I like this version so it hit my workshop.
  8. It took me a long time, I had to mask everything thoroughly.
  9. I had no problems with this model.
  10. F-35A Italeri 1:32, As always, I made the model straight from the box. However, I did add some shadows and differences in the shade of color so that this one-color painting would be a bit more interesting.
  11. CR Sikkens Autowave products that's all. Galaxy Blue pearl, Graphite pearl, titanium pearl.
  12. Another model from my yard. MiG-29A Fulcrum Trumpeter 1:32 with minor modifications, but made straight out of the box.
  13. F-16C Aggressor " Alaskan Splinters" Tamiya 1:32 Model made to order. Although the photos of this plane show that there are not many traces of heavy use. The ordering party asked me to make such traces, so it's a bit of SF, but I hope you like it. Decals: Two Bob
  14. A-6A Intruder VA-165 Trumpeter 1:32 This time on a black background and I hope the photos will be of better quality.
  15. Thanks to all of you and happy New year
  16. The end of the year is approaching, time for my finished models. By the way, I wish you great models in 2022.
  17. F-4 "N" Phantom II Tamiya 1:32. I make models straight out of the box but here I made a few minor changes for the N version. However, all items still come from other Tamiya F-4 kits + aftermarket decals. Model painted with Hataka Hobby At the begining 1:1 F-4N Phantom II Tamiya 1:32
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