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Revell Me 262b Trainer


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With the 109 on the home straight i spied the 262 from 2019 sitting on the shelf. Quick email to the guys and transferred over to the GB. Gives me the motivation to get it finished!










had some fun getting the covers to fit. Lots of messing around and trimming etc.








Ordered some pe rudder pedals, extra instrument panel and resin control stick for back seat area. 


Have a nice selection of images of this plane in various states of decay/scrap/souvenirs so need to decide what level to work to. May well make a little dio. 

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oooh exciting


i have that excellent JaPo book too and this is the exact airframe that is on my project list


what ref images are you using for the rear cockpit, because it's a dual control etc etc and therefore quite different to the nightfighter radar operator's station?


also, if you are going 'all out', I would ditch the mastercasters wheels - they are really not that great; Barracuda's a pretty good but even they didn't nail the hex tread pattern properly

the best ones out there are by Eduard, and you also have the advantage that they (should!) fit this kit since that is the kit they were intended for



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this one 




ive got a set on order of the eduard ones. I have another revell and the trumpeter 262b also in the stash.


I may also do it belly landed, saving the hassle (undercarriage is my least fav part of builds) 

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57 minutes ago, VintageEagle said:

Great subject. You have to be careful with the canopy/cockpit wall edges. They were different on the trainer and nightfighter. It could be a challenge to modify the Revell kit to become a trainer version.


Full set of images in the book I mentioned. Basically its like a repeat of the front office in the back, just missing a few dials etc.


When its in this state though how many and whats left is open to artistic licence :)



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3 hours later...










Plasti-card of various thicknesses to continue the curve in the extension then cutting out the rear deck. Used the dims from the from pit to get the same size at the rear. Will card out the side shelves and use the pe from eduard for this end and the kit parts for the front. Will do the same for the instrument panels also.

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