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1/32 HS Buccaneer


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Thank you sooo much folks!! 

This encouragement is seriously needed sometimes. Once I have completed the cockpit tub, ready for molding, I will post a photo of the Aerodynamix part, just for comparison. There is an awful lot going on in that area and I am trying to work out how to break it up for molding. I was thinking of the following seperate parts: instrument panel, instrument panel shroud, HUD, rudder pedals, cockpit floor with the side consoles, then the side panels, including that beautiful quilted soundproof layer and various instruments/boxes. Then the rear wall. Oh, and two nice bang seats.

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all i can say is two things


1. awesome work


2. stop right there, and do a deal with Lost British Projects, because their Buccaneer sure could do with casting resin from your interior parts!!


Number 2 was only slightly tongue in cheek

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On 11/20/2019 at 4:15 AM, Kagemusha said:

Any more progress Jon?


Just came across this one again, and wondering the same thing. It looks like John hasn't visited the forums in a couple of years now.



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