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1/32 HS Buccaneer


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On 9/15/2019 at 1:51 PM, airscale said:



please, please post pics of those!

Okay, here you go ;)






The Dakota.







Anyway, back to the Buccaneer. Some more progress has been made :)














The 1/48 Airfix kit helps to see if I'm on par with the general shape.



Nose fold detail.




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Thanks so much fellas! Mark, I used MDF/ Supawood for that canopy form. In fact, as I mentioned before, I use it a lot for various reasons. It's cheap, can be shaped relatively easily and handles vacc forming heat rather well. It's also used, as you saw, on the nose sections for the masters for resin casting. In a "pinch", one could also use hardboard. The airbrake area is a ******* to copy! I am aiming for it to be operational on the model. (Manually, not hydraulically)LOL!!!! I just wanna get it right. 

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This tread gets better and better with every update.   This is like the opposite of a looking at those amazing 3D printer builds.  So old school and ultimate craftsmanship at its best.   Thanks for sharing your journey with us.   Too cool.  



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Hey, Troy, thanks man! I really don't like 3D printing for various reasons. Sure, they're revolutionizing things, but old school is STILL the best IMHO. I have seen many 3D models online and they just aren't accurate. Probably rendered by someone who hasn't researched the airplane correctly or someone who knows nothing about the subject. The files are also very expensive, plus, the actual printing filament is pricey too. The final printed part also needs a lot of work to remove those horrible striations from the layering. Give me some MDF and I'm a happy camper!! I am currently working on the Bucc's airbrake section and it's taking all my grey matter to get it looking right. There are a lot of sepperate parts that need to go together in a relatively tight space back there. Pics soon.

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