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  1. Piero, that's quite a setback I don't trust any decals adhesive for a long time, no matter what brand. I use Future Floor Polish as an adhesive, because the same has happened to me before. As soon as the decal starts to release from the backing paper after dipped in water, i add a drop or two of Future to it and make sure that it goes underneath the decal. It sticks very well and and no more silvering. I even place a drop of Future on the surface of the model to ensure proper adhesion. Future dries very quickly, so have something at hand to soak up the excess. Seeing
  2. Amazing work Pete, and fast too!
  3. Thanks guys This was quite a challenge, and took much longer than I expected. I'm rather tempted to make a Mirage IIIB from this next. I think that Pantera is right up there with the cool names Cheers, John
  4. And we have resin! Cheers, John
  5. Thanks Anthony, I've completed the molds, and will post a picture of the resin parts soon.
  6. Hi Nick, your Mirage 2000 turned out really great!
  7. Hi Nick, Quite right, 857 is probably the only remnant of that scheme. The colours on the R2Z and D2Z do appear more vibrant than the other locally applied schemes. If my memory serves me correctly, 857 had some gloss protective coat applied to it. The starboard elevons has a totally different green with feathered edge camo on it. Suspect it's from another aircraft. Not sure if this has something to do with the incident prior to her retirement? Anyway, best guess like you suggested, is to mix and match until it gets to "if it looks right, it is right" colour. Cheers, J
  8. Hi, placing orders for Scaleworx can only be done via email to scaleworx@yahoo.com, as noted on the website. The price list will be updated on the website soon. Cheers, John
  9. Hi Tim, Nice subject Here's a photo I took at the SAAF Museum at Air Force Base Ysterplaat. Cheers, John
  10. Added some strengthening strips for the Plexiglass shield. Also made the joystick, which differs from the front one. Two more small parts, the air vent, as well as the struts/brace for for the main canopy. I nee two identical parts, so made a mold of them and cast in resin. Cheers, John
  11. Done with the MFD, and it was not a simple as I thought... It consists out of 34 pieces glued together, a lot for such a small part. However, it's quite visible and had to be there. Interestingly, it is quite a bit bigger than the original Mirage IIIDZ/D2Z set up. So, when the real aircraft were converted to Cheetahs, a larger cutout was made into the Plexiglass shield to accommodate the MFD. Therefore, the vac-form part for the shield will also have to be adjusted from the IIID2Z one. Cheers, John
  12. Hi guys, Was a bit of a crazy weekend with my son's 4th birthday, and all the preparations halted working on the Cheetah D for a while. This rear instrument panel has been more of a challenge than what I thought it would be. Cheers, John
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