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  1. Alain, That's correct, the two-seater. I have most of the nose shape done for that. The Cheetah D is based on the Kfir TC.7, but retaining the ATAR powerplant. Once the rear cockpit has been added, many other two-seater Mirage III/V variants can be made from that. I taped the nose progress of the Cheetah D onto the kit just for fun One can clearly see the resemblance between the Kfir TC and The Cheetah D in the pictures below. Cheetah D Kfir TC Cheers
  2. Hi Alain, Glad you like it. The Dogtooth extensions are only glued in a few spots to finish them off. I'll make molds of them, so they can be useful for future projects I have the Isracast Kfir C7 conversion (rather nice and comprehensive set), and the Dogtooth is a bit shorter. Not sure if it has something to do with being based the old Revell kit? But it wont fit this one. I'm quite tempted to tackle the Kfir family for the Italeri kit now Thanks Marcel, The D is in the pipeline as well Cheers
  3. Got the Dogtooth leading edge extensions on, and they look okay to me. Also filled the notches further inboard on the wing leading edges. Next step will be scribing panel lines on them. Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I got the basic shape done for the Dogtooth extensions. They are not attached yet, which makes them easier to refine and fit more flush, then to add some panel lines later. Cheers
  5. Hahaha... Alphabetically for the Cheetahs would be B, C, D, E and R I had very little time for working on this, but did manage to get started on modifying the standard Mirage III leading edges with the Dogtooth extensions. Cheers
  6. Great stuff! We all had fun with moving parts on our models at some time, but you definitely took this to a whole new level Looking forward to the next update.
  7. Hi Alain, Not quite a Pantera CN at this stage, but working towards it. This is a Cheetah E, of which I will make a copy of the nose and modify/strip down into a Pantera CN nose. They are similar, but not. You're correct about the Antarki 3D printed and resin cast conversion set in the near future, but I'm rather enjoying scratch building. A Pantera CN would also require a few more details on top of the resin parts portrayed in the CAD drawings, considering the shortcomings of the Italeri Mirage IIIE kit. Cheers, John
  8. Hey Jonathan, Glad to see you are finally on LSP Much enjoying your passion put into this, considering all the effort you and your team has put into the restoration of the real McCoy. I was privileged to see your video of the air brake operation on your model. Not sure if or how it can be posted on the forum? Keep up with the amazing work, and looking forward the next update. Cheers, John
  9. Wow, Eric! That looks like such a fun build. Absolutely stunning!
  10. Thanks Marc, it was great to catch up at the Nationals Glad you approve of the parts. Thanks man I doubt that this kit will see paint for a while, as I'm already using it as a guinea pig for other Mirage III variants and updates. Cheers
  11. Jonathan, your Buccaneer is taking shape at quite a pace! Keep it up
  12. Thanks for the compliment Eric. Especially with your knowledge on this kit and it's shortfalls
  13. Hey Guys, It's been a while since my last post. With all the resin copies done, I did a quick test fit the parts of on the Italeri IIIE kit. The fuselage was simply held together by masking tape and some spots of superglue, no filler either. This because I have other variants I want to make using this kit. The kit decals are not accurate, so I'm having the correct ones printed Cheers, John
  14. Hi guys, I'm John, from Cape Town, South Africa. Here's a picture of me and my my Boy (Ross, and he loves aircraft too) sitting in an Impala Mk.1. Cheers
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