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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the kind words and input, it helps to keep me motivated Although it's still lockdown over here and being at home, doesn't guarantee modeling time. My wife works from home and then I spend most of my time with my 3-year old little wingman. He supervises the build from time to time. Managed to get the mold done for the vac-forming of the fuel tank, but low on the right thickness plastic card... The tail fin was sanded down again and primed for riveting, and as you can see, the 3D printing is a rough story and the PLA is not forgiving to work with. Still a bit rough, but getting there. Then the profile of the wing was a semi-symmetrical airfoil at the wingtips, which is wrong. The F.1 has a very thin wingtip. I sanded the living daylights out of the one wing already, and here's a picture for comparison. Cheers, John
  2. Thanks Troy, This is one of the ways to have that model in one's collection that simply isn't available. The F-102 and F-106 are interesting subjects too. At least there's a vac-form solution to that So, the centreline drop tank seems to have been very poorly documented, and I at least have quite a good idea of the dimensions now. Needed materials to make it, but can't get to it. I cut a piece from the broomstick and turned the basic shape of the drop tank . My wife was not impressed... However, it worked well, and vac-form halves will be made from the wooden master to make it lighter. Then the drop tank fins will be made. Cheers, John
  3. Tom, you Sir, are one of the neatest scratch builders ever! Your build is truly inspirational, and such a unique subject as well
  4. Guys, I couldn't agree more, the F.1 is without a doubt still one of the sexiest fighters ever! Jan, that sounds interesting and would love to see it Thanks Nick, the pylon dimensions check out, but the fuel tank seemed to be a mystery... So, I placed a pretty good side shot photo onto the drawings. Again, the pylon was spot on, and that gives me a very good indication of the fuel tank's dimensions Cheers, John
  5. Thanks for the input guys. Think the Spanish F-1CE had a different ejection seat (Mk.BRM4?), but the French C and SAAF CZ had the same Mk.4B ejection seats. As Nick mentioned, only the CZ had the bisonic shock cones. The instrument panels should be very similar between the three. By the way Nick, do you perhaps have some specifications/dimensions for the centreline RP35 drop tank and it's pylon? Cheers, John
  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys The F.1C is quite an iconic fighter, and I really would like to capture this as best I can. Thanks Nick, I have been contemplating it, and it would be quite an amount of time and resources required for such an ambitious venture. My biggest concern is interest in a multimedia kit like this. I see a couple of guys would like a 1/32 F.1C , but it certainly won't be injection molded. I do have the time now to work on it, considering the lockdown. Worst case scenario, it will be a once-off. I'll post some more pics as I progress. Cheers, John
  7. Hi guys, Very strange too almost never be at home, and now with the current situation and a lockdown enforced, I have to keep myself busy. A friend of mine wanted to test different printing styles on his home 3D printer a while ago, and asked me for a challenge. So I said a 1/32 Mirage F.1C would be nice, thinking he would not be able to pull it off...lol. Well, he delivered a 1/32 F.1C as best a basic 3D printer can. Oh boy, it's rough, it'll make a blind man cry, but I like a challenge. Even more when it's an aircraft I have a great passion for. A ton of filler and layers of primer later, Started scribing panel lines, and she's starting to look the part https://i.imgur.com/1p0pX
  8. Hi Alain, Yes and no, the Cheetah C's fairing has it's own challenges
  9. Hi Nick, I noticed that as soon as I cut the Italeri ventral fuel tank. The old Revell one is much better suited, and busy with adapting it already Cheers
  10. Thanks Malcom I have to admit that I like the all over grey scheme too. The Cheetah C will be done in 1/32 as well The Venezuelan Mirage 50 is a good looker indeed, and not that hard to modify from here. Interest in a subject like this is a big factor to justify the effort. It's a justified project, and I'm quite passionate about the Cheetah C Thanks for your support Thanks man Another update on this project, as I made the fairing that houses the CHAFF/Flare cartridges. It was shaped from a block of resin and plastic card. Cheers
  11. Not quite Nesher time yet on this thread. Made the rough nose shape some time ago, but I'll get to it.
  12. Basic shape and layout for the IFR probe done. Waiting for some filler to dry, before work can continue. Cheers
  13. Thanks Marcel Naturally the Cheetah D with the framed windshield will be done first (some time in the future...). Early Cheetah B's had the same windshield before their upgrade with the 16 ton main undercarriage and wraparound windshield. It's an easy solution with a replacement vac-form windshield. Cheers
  14. The "Bandit" is colourful, I admit. I just wish it could have been more like that of the Cheetah C #370 "Vlaggie". I think you are referring to Cheetah C #342 known as "Spotty" Interestingly, there is also a Cheetah E sporting almost the same scheme. Cheers
  15. Kagemusha, I will be making molds of the new parts Alain, still some work ahead before I have all the components ready. Not sure if the Cheetah E is in fact the single seater with the longest nose, but it should be just about the same length as the Pantera CN. The two-tone grey scheme was and experimental camouflage only applied to #842 before her retirement. iaf-man, that must be one of the least liked schemes (here in South Africa) ever to be put on a Cheetah B. Why on earth they couldn't just continue with the black nose colour to the intakes, just blows my mind...? It's called the "Bandit", but has a more satirical nickname as "Knersus", a Pterodactyl puppet from an 1980's kiddies show...lol. Below you'll see why Back to the current build, and the correct bulkhead is in for a test fit, as well as the new canards. Now she's starting to look like a Cheetah E Cheers
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