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1:32 Douglas A-26 Invader from Trumpeter/Hobbyboss?

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On 6/16/2020 at 4:10 PM, Lietsalmi said:

Next, let's get to the engine business!


Douglas A-26B's had Pratt & Whitney R-2800-27, -71 or -79 engines, i.e., the "B" series R-2800 with a smooth nose casing. Here are a couple of pictures (first one is actually R-2800-21):





The kit engine is completely wrong: 14 cylinders instead of 18, too short, wrong placement of the cylinders, too wide nose casing, etc.



So I started to build replacement cylinder rows that I would cast in resin. Or that was how I thought I would solve the problem. After building the new cylinder rows with 18 cylinders in total I realized that they would not fit nicely inside the engine cowling with the kit bulkhead, if the separation of the cylinder rows was anywhere even close to a realistic engine. So the idea to use the kit bulkhead goes to bin and I need to build the engine all the way from the firewall forward. Since I will be doing that, why not to add the missing exhaust pipes as well? And then the nose casing could be better too...


So I am now building the whole engine! I will cast that then into two main resin parts (front cylinder row + nose casing, back cylinder row + firewall attachment) and several smaller parts (front engine attachment ring, exhaust pipes, pushrods, etc.). More work than I thought but in the end I will have a proper engine that can be shown even without the cowling. Or I could just use the kit engine and pretend that the missing four cylinders are actually there. :P

Would have been nice to have a couple pair of those engines for their B-24.....

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As we are discussing props, I saw more than once references to cropped DC-6 blades used on the B-26K. To me, this wording is misleading as after having checked many pictures, I'm convinced the B-26K simply used DC-6B propeller blades.


I do not think they were cropped to be used on the B-26K. They were initially cropped to be used on the DC-6 and this is quite different.

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I have received more references and a few more on the way in the next week, I also have a few items that are WIP with a friend doing some 3D cad work for some of the masters.

Quite a few folk have already offered help from this forum, so over the next few months I hope to develop quite a lot of detail and or conversion sets for this pretty cool aircraft, it will take time but the wheels are at least in motion.......


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You have to admire the can do attitude here especially on the multiple variances and air forces that actually used this aircraft.  Not particularly my area of interest but I can’t wait to see someone else’s take on this aircraft.  WWII, Korea, French Air-force Vietnam USAF this will be interesting to see unfold.     

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Just picked mine up from the local shop on Monday... It's not... terrible. It's definitely buildable. To make it accurate, however, will take some work. Cockpit is a fairly standard act of fiction, and the spine is too rounded. However, I'm thinking adding some curved "lumps" down either side of the spine at the top should solve that issue, aside from the canopy. I'd also like to rework the nose from the 8-gun to the 6-gun, and add another turret to the bottom. Cowl flaps need some help, too, but that's easy enough.


I've stashed it for now to see what comes about as far as aftermarket, but it's our only injection 1/32 A-26, and it's a darn good start!


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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