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USAF F-100D Brake lines and belts.

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9 hours ago, ericg said:

Thanks very much guys. Ron is reading my updates on here and he assured me that he is proud to be part of the project. 



G’day Fancherello, can you elaborate on the issue with the rudder please?

hello Eric

I must turn crazy. 

I remember rebuilding the aft section of the rudder, because of an incorrect number of triangular fences/stiffeners that sit on the trailing edge...a friend gave me a ref pic showing that one was missing. I've found back some pics of my QF-100 and i set  accordingly 11 blades.( Air Modeller issue 31)


and looking for a pic to illustrate, i count them 10 on any of the real one i've found in pic and 10 on the kit ?

But in the mean time i remember redoing that area because of that obvious pic....much much annoying, both because i made you loose time reading this and because after finding back the original drone's pic...it has 10 blades too. So: mistake.


So i think you'd better disregard that info, because i'm not sure that reference was appropriate !

Sorry for that.


( And i get back to googling rudders )







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This will be a fun build. As usual be aware of the Aires UC bays being too short (nose and main). You can see this on my build and I chose not to correct. I also stayed with the rubber tyres. Overall taking away my mistakes I thought this was a nice kit.



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22 hours ago, Marcel111 said:

  Very inspiring to get the actual pilot involved and have such a strong historical context. 


Great start to the build, love the look of the IP.






my thoughts exactly!

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On 7/13/2019 at 12:05 PM, kikka said:

nice ! i was going to make a joke about Ron Swanson flying a plane but il keep it for the end ! 



Haha, me too! I'm guessing that only our US members would be likely to get it, but that's the first thing I thought of too....


Ron Swansons "Pyramid of Flying Greatness"!

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I just saw this thread and I hope I'm not too late.  Your work to this point is terrific but there is a problem with the Aires cockpit tub you may not be aware of.  On the aft end of the right console in an F-100 is a map case, inside of which is a ground test plug for the gunsight.  The flight manual depicts this by cutting away part of the map case to show the plug.  This is a common practice in technical drawings and illustrations to allow hidden items to be identified  (I'm a retired engineer so I'm pretty familiar with this stuff).  Aires followed the flight manual illustration exactly, in this case too exactly.  The top of the map case is solid and not broken out.  The error can be easily corrected by replacing the resin with a new top fabricated from sheet plastic, if the cockpit isn't installed in a closed up fuselage.  It can be done even if the fuselage is closed. but not as easily.  I hope this is in time for you to correct the Aires mistake easily.  Great work so far and I will be following this project as I am a big F-100 fan.

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Thanks very much for your input Daxspapa. The issue of the map case was pointed out to me as well on my Facebook page so I had to fix it. I was initially a little perplexed as to why it was depicted like that as well.




I was asked by TTail whether I was going to make this a RHAW equipped jet. I haven’t settled on a particular aircraft yet as Ronald won’t have access to his log books for another couple of months, but I posed him the question anyway and this is what he wrote back to me.


Eric:  For most of the year I was in Vietnam, our unit's aircraft did not have RHAW.  However, during the last half of my tour, some of the aircraft were modified to include RHAW.  In other words, sometimes we flew RHAW equipped aircraft, and sometimes not.  It is highly unlikely that the aircraft I flew on the mission in question was RHAW equipped since I arrived in Vietnam in April of 1968 and the mission took place in June.  By the end of my tour in April of 1969, most of our aircraft were RHAW equipped.


At this stage I will keep the model non RHAW equipped, so the equipment on the instrument panel coaming will stand as per the AIRES set.


I added the various handles from plastic rod and painted them yellow with black stripes. 




I then closed up the forward fuselage. The kit provided nose weight is a nice touch. The picture highlights the excellent fit of the Zactomodels nose.




The Aires cockpit tub fit is excellent and did not require too much modification of the kit parts to get it to fit. I have dry fitted the part under the windshield and the part behind the pilot seat.




Starting to come together nicely.






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Trumpeter have the traditional tab and slot attachment method for the horizontal stabilisers, which is fine if you want to keep them in a neutral position. I want to have them drooped slightly down as per my reference pics so I set about making it happen.




I filled the slot and holes with plastic card.




I chose a suitable diameter brass tube




The tube was superglued into position and runs from one side of the fuselage to the other.




I cut off the tabs from the horizontal stab and inserted some brass rod, located at the pivot point. This rod fits tightly into the tube in the fuselage.




With this mod complete, I am able to position the stabs as required and remove them easily for painting.




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