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  1. Very nice work. Not an easy one, the eye is mercyless on such patterns and you did very good, honestly.
  2. Thanks a lot ! Sure, my source is www.anyz.io , done by a very talented modeller. Connectors and spark plugs also come from there. Bye Fanch
  3. Thank you VERY much for your kind words, guys. Much appreciated. Bye Fanch
  4. Thanks a lot Kevin, much appreciated ! Who knows maybe i'll find the time and energy to build my 1/32 F4U-7 Corsair and conversion !! And I promise that one will be full colored ! Bye Fanch
  5. hi sorry i come late here, a long time ago a figure painter I really appreciated explained me that he'd always add some pale yellow to his black and since i've kept the habit to add some to any black that i find too deep. I have no exact ratio, just eyeball it. My go to yellow is Gunze H79 that i add either to pure black or tyre black. A ref I ALWAYS have in my paint stock. You can also add some olive green or red brown according to the colors around the part you are painting. Black is a lot of fun to paint ! bye Fanch
  6. Hello I've been back at my B&W project and the Corsair's engine is now ready to get its exhausts. I eventually put stripped the ignition crown and reworwed it with Anyz connectors, spark plugs and braided wire. I used some connectors for the magnetos. no cheat with colors ! bye Fanch
  7. Very good idea with that build ! You're going to love the Cameo, i'm in the learning process with mine too !
  8. And now front well is ready for priming and painting: i've been also experimenting a bit some stuff for the future walkways: super thin and crisp, i like it ! and now I'll spend some time on my B&W project for a few days bye !
  9. Many thanks Kevin ! I just love that ref pic, i took a slap with that dark metal hue. I had to try that ! Fanch'
  10. Thank you Marcel ! this makes also think that this way it'll be much easier to paint than the Aires part as my well can still be opened !
  11. Hello and thank you for all these kinds words, guys. The chipping process needs a bit of experimenting because it varies with different brands and on which undercoat they might be layed over. For that result i've been setting colors as they lay on a real Hornet's pic i saw, using AK Real Color paints but i also set some AK Real Color satin varnish between each layer to have a retarding barrier. This helped me go slowlyer from a color down to another, as i make sure to keep very thin color layers. Time is also a factor you need to evaluate with your paint combo by experimenting. normally, the more you wait, the more the chipping will be difficult to start. The start point must be reached slowly because there after, thing may go faster than wanted. I use hairspray that has been decanted and let sit in a jar for a day or two ( i keeps bubbles for some time ) and spray it through my airbrush. Brushes are also important, i used thin flat and sortened brushes, the shorter becoming the rougher. Last parameter: water quantity on the brush: you want to keep it minimal and be patient if you want fine chips, to much humidity would start everything too fast and large. Seems complicated, but experimenting gives results quite fast. It takes a few fails but then opens nice weathering tracks that I personnaly just start to enjoy ! from top to bottom of text this happened as such: -gloss black GX-2 Mr Color -KColor dark metal mix -satin coat -Hairspray -Yellow Zynchro -satin coat -Hairspray -overall lightened light ghost grey ( the first grey before overhaul, i guess from the pic i used )/ consoles painted dark grey and protected ( i think, not too sure to remember ) -satin coat -Hairspray -darker ghost grey and two mid panels done in ghost grey, airbrush variations and shadows ( story of anoverhaul or two ! the hell hole is also a patchwork of greys ) Throttle was eventually re-worked separately -black -alu -satin -hairspray -yellow zynch -satin -hairspray -black -chipping i did the chipping maybe 4-5 hours later It's more simple when imagining the whole layer cut and seen as a sandwich, like on the real one ! Then washes, brush painting, Anyz's knob decals etc here are the colors used for the Yellow ( modern ones are rather pale ) an example of floor ( pic from Nate Pendergrass ) this pic is only a few months old and you can notice various hints of grey on sidewalls or just left the lower grid etc. Nowaday's Hornet have had now a long life ! That detail help giving a ntaural look and less monopiece look to the tub, i think
  12. Such a great project, Ben ! really looking forward to seing next steps ! Fanch
  13. I have had the Aires wells, their detail is not bad but they are undersized: fit is not good at all and you end up cheating to arrange the sidewalls that show up auround the fuselage opening's contour. It can be done, but i consider that Aires didnt do well on that set and as this build may end up on a paper thing, my choice is not to feature that. This other issue is that for technical reason, i guess, all the wiring is on contact with sidewalls or flooring, you can avoid that by doing it on your own. And i wont need long to fit it in the end ! Thank you all for yor positive comments Fanch
  14. hello works continues in the front wheel well, which will hopefully be fully wired and plumbed in a few days: bye Fanch
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