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  1. Hello an thank you ! Scratchbuilder : So far i've set one rule: interior green is my "middle grey" which is Gunze's.... RLM 75/H69. Everything else is done around this center point by photo inspiration. I've found that some Prince August Ivory white and Ak/Meng's black make a good matching combo for brush painting. This has been the first difficulty, because some blacks turn blueish or greenish when being lightenened. Now i've found how to stay in my center grey tone, things fo more easily. ( Gunze Aqueous are not easy to brush !! ) Lightenening and darkening the base grey for airbrushing has been more easy too. I've worked the wood floor, seat, znd other details just by logic, pics and inspiration. Pictures help but also tell very different contrasts and colors....so i let inspiration go. I have a good help too: i delibaretely chose two classical birds in two very well known schemes for a reason ( not the only one though ). You know whuch color is a mustang pit, you kniw which color is a Corsair's pit, you have a picture in your mind of how you'd render a wood floor, etc. All this is helping my thing tell the story, actually I think that the reader is making half the job unconsciously. This said we'll see how it turns on the airframes. And LSP-Ray....i'm not comfy at all !!! I find that very challenging too and i'm not sure hiw that will work in the end !
  2. Thank you very much ! But i'm no genius at all!! That's something i'v seen in armour modelling a long time ago and since wanted to try on aircraft ! I guess this has already been done in aviation modelling too, but i deliberately made no search about it to keep it on my own view, without any influence ( especially for the metal treatment )
  3. I've really enjoyed your build so far, a real pleasure to follow !
  4. hello I'm working on a pair of Tamiya's superb kits: a Mustang and a Corsair, both being built together as a Black&White project. I've been waiting a biy before sharing those as I wasnt too sure how this would turn into. The Corsait will probably be Ira Kepford's second Corsair which is very well pictured on both sides, the Mustang will be the famous Lou IV both for the fun of tackling the blue/green color issue on my way and because this plane and his famous pilot had their fatal fate not very far away from where I live. The Corsair has been started by using Brassin's set, the pit is superb, the engine too...but i'm making a step back with the latter as it doesnt allow a clean closed display with the provided cowlings. I'm now working on the kit's engine and will keep the Eudard one for a separate display. I've added a HGW harness set that I've been whitening to keep in the topic. I've been working on the Mustang the same way with personal work on he engine: casing texturing, wiring and bits. I also worked the wings and tried to replicated some worn puttying by working layers of surfacer. I used two tines of surfacer to help controlling that. As sanding is feathered, actually filled rivets extend a bit further that the surfacer color. The cockpit is done with some Barracuda add ons and I used some RBrinzan's etched templates for the floor. so now I'm working on the Corsair's kit's engine and the Mustang wheel wells ! bye Fanch
  5. And thank you all for all these kind words, they're some kind of a reward after such a long build. Much appreciated. I'm preparing a paper article on this, atfer it's been released, I'll add some more pictures and close ups, i promise. I also need to find a decent and stiff enough base, both for photographing ( outside too when it stop raining ) and moving the beast around...it's rather complicated to handle ! Best regards
  6. Thank you very much ! I'm glad you appreciate my painting: here are a few pics to show you where some details come from as you seem to like them !
  7. Thank you very much guys gor all these kind words ! Much appreciated !!! Long build and sort of relief ! Bill Cross, happy that there are no evidence left, but yes this is a b##"*tch of a kit to get about correct !!!
  8. Done! Here's a little batch of my finished 1/32 F-14B I've been using Aires cockpits ( B and D ), Zactomodels intakes and Sidewinders, Brassin GBU's, Wheeliant wheels, Master Models pitot tube. Mainly painted with Gunze Aqueous paints, Zotz decals, car carbon decals ( engines ) and home made masks ( tails, tanks ). bye Fanch
  9. Congratulations Steve. This has been a pleasure to follow your build and you've achieved a superb model. Bravo !
  10. Kevin, you've done great with this. I'm so happy to see it still growing. I hope to hear better news from Paul, family and dogs soon. He'll need a hell lot of energy, i hope that not only the money, but also all the LSP community being worried for him will help to get through that.
  11. hello too much time since last update ! I,ve since erased and repainted the tail Skulls and they are now in the correct position and size. At last, these were turning me crazy. Ordnance is now ready and set on the airframe, i'm now working on the canopy framing and cockpit contour. And Best Thoughts and wishes to Paul Fisher. Fanch
  12. This is absolutly superb. Finish looks really natural and alive. I'm loving this.
  13. This is is some lovely work, and details such as the asymetric seat positionning definetly bring life in the cockpit. I love this !
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