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The funny thing about 3d printing at home...

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... is that before long you have a 1/32 scale Ki-98!


A friend and I have designed this from scratch with the hope of making it into a full kit.  No plans to sell it but just to see if we can do it. The tail booms are printing right now, and then the detail stuff can start getting developed once we know the airframe part breakdown is good. 


Guys, words can’t describe how excited I am to have this plane in large scale!



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I do love that painting, I have it saved on my phone :)


Dave, the wing takes up the entire print area - not be design, but by pure luck there is just a few mm of room once the supports have been added!. Wing is a 45-hour print at 20 microns, luckily the nose was able to squeeze onto the print with the 2nd wing.


Thanks guys. Anyone want to guess what the next project will be? :whistle:

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