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RoG He 219 Build

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Hi all, I started working on my third build this year, RoG's He 219 A-7.  I plan to back date the aircraft to resemble an A0/R6 flown by Hptm Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow in late 1943.  I have a few AM parts, MDC seats, HGW Seatbelts, the Eduard PE Set for landing gear and the Barracuda radiator/fin set and rear wheels.  I also have the Owl decal set for Modrow's aircraft.  I plan to use the AM stuff and do some very minor scratchbuilding.  I don't plan to make any major alterations as I think that with the AM the plane will look accurate enough for me.  I have already started the build so below are the first photos.  I am always looking for ways to improve so if any of you have any suggestions or criticisms fire away.  




 46471710215_8886c9beb0_c.jpgIMG_1074 (2) by Ernest Roth

The pit after general construction is complete


46471710035_f8f49dccae_c.jpgIMG_1076 by Ernest Roth

Most of the PE in place for the nose wheel.  The seats are the kit seats that I will take a small part from for the MDC seats.


46663493954_120912fccd_c.jpgIMG_1078 by Ernest Roth

Another shot of the PE.


46663493544_f64b852329_c.jpgIMG_1079 by Ernest Roth

Parts airbrushed with a black base followed by RLM66.  I am using a combination of Tamiya acrylics and Mission Models paint for airbrushing.  Lifecolor paints will be used for detail painting.


More to follow....

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A few more photos of the progress:


46471709065_698967b0aa_c.jpgIMG_1080 by Ernest Roth

Close ups of the radio/radar equipment and the one of the MDC seats.  I took the small handle from the kit seats and glued it on the MDC one, the pilot's seat was also done that way.


 33510585858_87fab3e7a9_c.jpgIMG_1081 by Ernest Roth

Nose wheel bay after a base coat of RLM 02


47333946222_250189f338_c.jpgIMG_1082 by Ernest Roth

And after some detail painting is complete.


46663491534_7bd3ed31ea_c.jpgIMG_1085 by Ernest Roth

Radio/radar equipment.  I added a rough third scope to the FuG 212 receiver, I still need to scratchbuild the hood.  I did not have any decals to replicate the Peil G 6 (located at the bottom center of the rack) so I used an old piece of PE to somewhat simulate the dial face and dry brushed it.  Not perfect but does look a bit like the real thing.


More to follow:

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33510585258_483e437aa3_c.jpgIMG_1083 by Ernest Roth

Close up of the IP.  I still need to do some minor touching up.  The molding was a bit soft in both the left and right lower areas of the side panels so I was not able to replicate a couple of the gauges exactly.


 40421286553_961fc7936b_c.jpgIMG_1087 by Ernest Roth

Rear of the Radio/Radar rack with a few scratched electrical lines made from copper wire.


33510584288_d97e05ae61_c.jpgIMG_1090 by Ernest Roth

Close up of one of the side panels waiting for weathering


32445072427_d779dc7344_c.jpgIMG_1092 by Ernest Roth

Another close up of the right side of the cockpit


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Last set for today


33510583518_f03b1320eb_c.jpgIMG_1093 by Ernest Roth

Close up showing the throttle, trim controls and I think the fuel mixture knobs as well as a couple of gauges and panels


32445071177_01bd52634c_c.jpgIMG_1095 by Ernest Roth

Medium distance shot showing scratched wire bundles, you can just make out the far bundle.  Probably won't see much of them in the finished pit.



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That brings back some memories of when I built mine and it all looks great, certainly more detailed than mine.





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Posted (edited)

Its an enjoyable build for sure, nothing really stands out in my memory as a "gotcha" in the build., I take that back.

The fitment of the belly weapons pack  front piece (just aft of the nose gear, the one with the canon ports in it) is a real bear to fit properly.

Take your time on the radar antenna and use a slower curing glue to get it aligned properly.

Edited by Shawn M

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Thank you for the kind comments guys.  Gaz, I did a couple of builds over the winter but was too lazy to do a build log; and one of the builds was the Polar Lights 1/350 Klingon D7 Battlecruiser so I don't think many would be interested in seeing photos of that on the forums a haunt!


I spent the past few bench sessions working on the wheel wells for the main landing gear.  I used most of the Eduard PE in them, leaving out only four identical pieces that Iook like brace replicants.  Given how I think the landing gear is going to assemble I decided to leave the kit parts, which are molded on, in place for (I think) better stability.  The PE turned out pretty nice and was really not overly fiddly to install.  It does make for a huge improvement of the wheel well.  Of course once the model is finished those will rarely if ever see the light of day.  Normally I would have dispensed with PE in an area that will hardly ever be seen, but the PE set came with the kit when I bought it secondhand, so I thought, "What the heck, you can use the practice anyway."  


At any rate enjoy the photos!



46734883564_2d6bd99940_c.jpgIMG_1106 by Ernest Roth

Wheel well OOB.


32516261507_86abe7de7b_c.jpgIMG_1107 by Ernest Roth

View one of the PE


46734883104_48443d31a2_c.jpgIMG_1108 by Ernest Roth

View two of the PE


46734882624_2fc0901c29_c.jpgIMG_1114 by Ernest Roth

Final Photo

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Thank you Fvdm.


Below are a few fairly poor photos of the FuG 212 hood that I scratchbuilt.  It started life as a 1/35 hand grenade case and  is far from perfect but gets the job done ok I suppose.  I used small Vallejo putty to simulate the face pad.  Painted and installed it simulates the actual hood fairly well.




33604679598_c5e843022d_c.jpgIMG_1115 by Ernest Roth

Initial cut and sanding, the hood is still in rough shape


33604679298_96d467cdd9_c.jpgIMG_1117 by Ernest Roth

Putty face pad before sanding


 46566045375_231c207354_c.jpgIMG_1119 by Ernest Roth

The hood after final sanding, shaping and painting


46566044785_894a44e07c_c.jpgIMG_1120 by Ernest Roth

Installed in the aircraft


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Hi guys, its been a while since the last update.  I've been doing a lot of parts cleanup, a bit of fillings and some sanding; none of which is picture worthy.  Now I have gotten to the point of various subassemblies that are worth a shot or two.  Reference the large amount of PE; I don't normally use a great deal of the stuff but the PE set came with the kit, as did the Barracuda Studios AM.  All of it was a big surprise when I opened the kit, which I won on a German EBay auction a few years ago.  The person auctioning did not mention the AM stuff and I got the plane for €38.50.  Being the things were in the kit I decided to use them.  One final observation, for a fairly recent mold certain pieces had a fair amount of flash on them.  Easy to clean up but a bit surprising nonetheless.


 33693316218_e915f03e89_c.jpgIMG_1123 by Ernest Roth

The Barracuda AM assembled on the kit part.  Very nice stuff by the way.


33693315858_abd6b433d3_c.jpgIMG_1126 by Ernest Roth

I changed the kit barrels that were not all that well molded with some barrels out of my spare parts bin.  The outer two are 3,0 cm and the inner two 2,0 cm.  


33693316068_c9dfe0c0d1_c.jpgIMG_1125 by Ernest Roth

Close up of two of the barrels that are a great improvement over the kit ones. (IMHO)


40604160173_56771e82c7_c.jpgIMG_1130 by Ernest Roth

Main landing gear oleo piston cylinders.  The PE was a bit fiddly to get shaped and placed on the somewhat fragile parts.


33693315418_466aa8dd26_c.jpgIMG_1131 by Ernest Roth

The main landing gear parts ready for priming and painting 


40604159763_53cd828652_c.jpgIMG_1133 by Ernest Roth

Close up of one of the Barracuda wheels, again very nice AM stuff!



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Excellent, Ernest!

   Regarding the Klingon Battlecruiser...  we have a non-LSP forum on the home page.  We get everything from 1/48 scale fighters to Aliens complete with face-sucker egg.


Keep up the great work on the Heinkel!



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I spent a couple of hours priming and painting several sub-assemblies last night.  I am trying out the Mission Models paint line for this build and they airbrush very well.  The RLM 02 looks pretty good to me, though I admit that I am not a stickler for "exact color matching (whatever that is).  The metallic silver is Mr. Color chrome silver.  I have been using new macro lens for my Canon Rebel T6 camera and it allows one to get some really detailed close up shots.  Those shots also highlight any mistakes in all there glory, so this is definitely turning out to be a double edged sword!


32629770877_ee08db6f0c_c.jpgIMG_1135 by Ernest Roth 

Nose landing gear painted and ready to assemble


32629770267_82740c6ea7_c.jpgIMG_1137 by Ernest Roth 

One of the main landing gear sub-assemblies in the same ready state.  I am going to assemble the landing gear after general painting is done to avoid any boo-boos.


32629769757_b992cb09eb_c.jpgIMG_1138 by Ernest Roth

Close up of one of the oleo pistons.  The metallic parts were hand painted.


33695407168_b618fcc1cd_c.jpgIMG_1139 by Ernest Roth

One of the wheel bays.  I have to admit the PE greatly improved the look.  At this point I am on the fence whether to assemble the wings before general painting of afterwards.  The fit is pretty good and it would be easier to airbrush the beast in three major pieces rather than maneuvering it as one.  On the other hand, I have always tried to assemble as much as possible before painting, and that has saved me a lot of grief over the years.  Have to think it over some more I guess.


32629769367_4deb1eb3df_c.jpgIMG_1140 by Ernest Roth

Close up of the wheel well side, as well as the seam I missed (&%#%!), fortunately it will not be seen when all the parts are in place.  Again the PE adds much to the wheel well. 





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