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  1. Looks great! Decided on a weapons load? Shot
  2. The cockpit placards make my eyes hurt, but they do look the part. How did you find working with the HGW belts? Shot
  3. The PE for the MGs made my eyes explode. Very fine work. I have one of these myself, though I probably won't do the PE additions for the MGs. Still, gonna keep an eye on this one. Shot
  4. OK, good to know. Thanks. Shot
  5. Interesting use of the pastels for the gunpowder stains. In my experience the powder comes off if you look at it funny, but you seem to have convinced it to stay put. Shot
  6. Anyone have any experience with Draw Decals? I just ordered a set of 32nd scale decals for my Tamiya 'Stang (Big Beautiful Doll). Thought? Cautions? Laughter? Shot
  7. I can't imagine how this got past me. Paul, I live in Chico. If you need space to put stuff temporarily, I can make room in my apartment. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you a contact number. Shot
  8. Really nice work. I am so tempted to do mine in the 3-color white/medium blue/dark blue scheme, but as you pointed out the Navy opted to go with something simpler so it probably wouldn't look right for my -1D to sport that scheme if it also has the rockets. Sigh... Does the kit come with the ignition pigtails for the rockets, or will you have to scratch those? Shot
  9. Well, I finally got my hands on one of these myself. Gonna go back through this thread page by page and see if I'm smart enough to learn something. Shot
  10. What program are you using to make images for your parts? Shot
  11. I have a friend who would want a 32nd scale Privateer. I'm therefore all kinds of curious to see how this turns out. I was thinking of casting the turrets from resin, despite the fact that I have zero experience in this regard. Shot
  12. Just bought the Tamiya -1D, so naturally I'm following this one closely. I don't expect I'll do half the job you're doing, but I'm following it just the same. Anyone who has this kit, can you tell me if the Lone Star Models resin upgrade for the Revell F4U plays nicely with the Tamiya kit? I test fit a couple of items; it looks like everything should more or less slot into place for the 'pit. The LSM upgrade also comes with dropped (I think) flaps, and resin wheels which are so beautiful all by themselves it seems a shame to paint them.
  13. I think probably not as well, but I recall (perhaps in error) seeing a set of eight slung under an Avenger (not a Tarpon). If it really did happen, I'd like to recreate it. Shot
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