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1/32 F-14D VF-213 - Finished!


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Wow, I am finally starting a Tomcat build! For some inexplicable reason I have never done an F-14. This will be the Trumpeter kit with every available piece of resin thrown at it. I think part of the reason I have never done an F-14 is that there are so many good F-14 build threads out there so I won't really have much to add. On the other hand I am very weary of trying too hard with this project, there are so many online Tomcat builds that start very strong and then go cold, most likely because the projects turn out to be never ending affairs.


I will be building a VF-213 bird using the Fightertown Lions Last Roar sheet. Most likely I will be building "200" (more pics here and here) but there is still an outside chance I will end up with "213". Opinions welcome!


I have only just started the kit but thus far I am really pleased with the fit. The panels covering the gun fit as well as can be expected, I had read that these can be a major pain to assemble but it's not too bad. The vents have been opened in some cases, obviously it still needs a lot of clean up work to be done.



A little trick that may help is drilling the back of the compartments out like this. This enabled me to push the panels out a little with a needle in case they are too sunk. If the panels are too sunk, it will be a major pain trying to smooth out.



This is what  GE F110 production line looks like :) I am using the Aires sets and note that I am working on an F-16 F110 also.











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This is going to be a great build to follow. The tomcat is by far my favourite fighter, and although I have a mountain of after market sets for the trumpeter kit, I haven't started it yet. Good luck with this Marcel, I'll be following this build for sure! :popcorn:

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Oh goody!  Marcel doing a Cat, which we already know will be fantastic.  As you said, the F-14 has been done to death, so FWIW, here are my suggestions:


1). Do 213.  That blue scheme is rare, so it will help differentiate yours from the rest and it looks great.


2). Don’t kill yourself detailing the gear wells.  This is where many modellers get lost and eventually lose interest- and you won’t see much of them later anyway.


3). Don’t weather the crap out of it like so many others (including me).  While accurate sometimes, it has been overdone.  I think a surgical replication of corrosion control like you did on your blue Viper would be perfect.


I look forward to this build and your trademark “Rustoleum Walkways”!












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Thanks guys. Milan, those "200" marking are actually dark blue... looks pretty regal in combination with the yellow. I actually initially bought the Fightertown sheet so that I could build "213" but "200" is nice in that it combines a more business-like look with consistent dark-blue/yellow marking across the aircraft.


Chuck, I am using the Aires wheel wells. So far the front fits pretty much perfectly, as does the Aires cockpit from what I have tested so far. As for weathering I will stick closely to pics of the real thing, maybe Ben can provide me with some helpful tips since his Navy jets look so incredibly realistic :clap2: Either way I promise that this F-14 won't look like it just flew through a puddle of mud.







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Here is where I am with the cockpit. Generally I am really pleased with the kit so far, the fit is good, the surface detail is very fine and the Aires parts also fit really well.




The front and rear IP are not glued in yet, that will only happen after I have attached the nose section to the main fuselage ie much later.




I elected not to wash the instrument panels, only the bottom section of the cockpit. Cockpits may get worn but they don't get dirty.




Look past the ugliness of the cockpit sills. I had to fill and sand off the detail that Aires provides here in order to fill the joint, but that is ok since the detail is entirely wrong, I will end up rebuilding and correcting this.


I still find that the shape of the nose looks slightly off, the tip underside on the Trumpeter nose looks too blunt. Not sure if I'll correct it though.






The Aires wheel well fits really nicely.








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Hey guys,


This build is alive! I did take that detour to complete the F-16D, nonetheless it seems like I have been on this build forever. Strange reading my initial notes above when I was complementing on this fit of the kit. Things took a really bad turn, I experienced fit issue the like I haven't encountered previously. I would speculate that the misfortune started with me trying to force the plastic to fit the resin wheel wells. I then tried to force the resin intakes onto the probably at that point somewhat deformed fuselage. It ended up all coming apart. Anyhow, it's all kind sorta ok now but what a huge struggle it's been.




Those new Zacto gloves fit beautifully.




The Zacto pylon front-ends also work great with the back end of the Wolfpack Phoenix pallets.




To give you guys an idea of how much pain this build has been, here is how the right wing glove (didn't) fit initially:




Creative use of clamps...



Then the whole affair came apart on me...




After endless superglue/sanding cycles, still far from perfect...




Lot's of work around the exhaust area to get the Aires shrouds to fit. You can see the white styrene shining through, that had to all be built up, then scribed.




More updates to follow from here on in, and they should be getting prettier.





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The fun is really starting with this build. The weathered effect was achieved by pre-shading, then spraying with the respective gray with about 20% white mixed in. To simulate the dirt on the areas that are frequently walked on, I sprayed with Tamiya Medium Gray. Plus a few touches of lighter gray and darker gray here and there... basically, every time I airbrush I use the opportunity to introduce another little patchy effect on some part of the model. See above for how the real thing looked.




On the below pic, also note the little windscreen blower I scratch-built. I did a lot of extra work in and around the cockpit, I'll showcase that some other time.
















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