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Bristol Beaufighter

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Still working on the Beaufighter. The interieur is finished. Or I am finished with it which is closer to the truth.  Made the observers seat and some instruments. The ammo boxes are covered with thissue soaked in white glue. I saw pictures of zipped ammo boxes which allowed me to get an easy escape from a potentional big problem. Tossed in some lines and cables ad voila that should do the trick.


48569152867_b4da1634c6_z.jpg110_6242 by Rick Martens, on Flickr


48569005311_eec1bcd7a8_z.jpg110_6244 by Rick Martens, on Flickr


48569152567_64f374d463_z.jpg110_6243 by Rick Martens, on Flickr


48569151812_1747c8fc94_z.jpg110_6248 by Rick Martens, on Flickr


Now I most focus on the engines. They look ok  but as far as I know the exhausts came together in a collective ring in the front of the cowling and from there on to the main exhaust. I have no idea how to replicate that now but time will tell I guess. Also some brake lines on the landing gear and after that time for paint. Due to some construction work in our house I am not able to airbrush, hopefully in October everything will be done so I can start throwing paint around.


Hope you like it, sorry for the lousy pictures.



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